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  1. I'm about 20 miles from there. Wazzup?
  2. Uh, oh.....That donor is getting to be kinda rare. Looks like another project all by itself.
  3. As much as that stinks, at least it's better now than 10 miles into the maiden voyage!
  4. "...Plymouth is moved only slightly". Yeah- I hear ya there!!! And you have a good Christmas, too.
  5. Perfect! If it was B&W it would look like it was from when the "Wayback" wasn't wayback. Remember when alot of pics were taken with the family car?
  6. You might give Grainger a look see. They have a big selection and they usually give the pertinent dimensions. Just an idea.
  7. That's great news!!! Glad to hear it's all going well. Now, go drive the "Wayback"!
  8. Mmmmm....blue skies, sunshine and dry roads.....mmmmm!!!
  9. Man! that's like a bad wreck on the freeway- you don't want to look, but you just can't help it! Ewww!
  10. And there are starving children in the world.
  11. Nifty picture. How fast were you able to go on the track? That would be so fun to do.
  12. Had a '59. One of my favorites. Yours is really nice. Great find. Don't they have the coolest interiors?!?!
  13. At that point you turn into Sgt. Schultz: "I know nothing"!! Good job-that sounds great.
  14. Just to let you all know, I got a couple more stents put in my heart. It was pretty much a piece o' cake until they sewed up the hole in my groin. YOWZA!!! I think they used a hunk of baling twine and a 2/0 salmon hook for that chore! They must have an old Navy messcook making the oatmeal. Other than that I'm good to go. Flushing the fuel lines and removing the spud from the tail pipe makes a big difference. Thanks for your prayers.
  15. Andy- Just those of us in the great northwet! Webbed feet, too.
  16. What a beautiful day! Looks like the colors are about gone same as here. Take advantage of whatever is left before winter!
  17. Thanks Chester and '40, and prayers back atcha!
  18. USN: 1969-73 Don; The restaurant list is good news/bad news- all that comfort food for free, but I gotta go in Tuesday for repair of plugged arteries!!!! DOH!!! Evidently I've already had too much comfort food.
  19. Wow! That came out really nice! I found some woodgrain stick on vinyl in a roll at Fred Meyer. It's a chain that sells everything. Michael's crafts had it, too.
  20. "...I wanted to go to the house that has the old cars." FISH ON!!!
  21. I'm at the point that I need new motor mounts in order to move forward on putting the ol' Plymouth back together. I've been looking on line and at the local NAPA, etc., etc. I couldn't find one of my old mounts and got to poking around in the shop for it and came across a box that had come with the car about 4 years ago. Whatta ya know- brand new motor mounts, front and rear! The only downside is there goes another excuse for the world's top procrastinator. Also in the box was a gen-u-whine MOPAR thermostat, #1735011. It's a 180 degree non bypass. It appears unused. I can't use it, but if someone here needs it, lemme know. Give me an address and I'll drop it in the mail.
  22. Probably most of the 15" wheels used are some kind of aftermarket items that are at least 6" wide and have some offset that keeps them away from the tie rods. That's the case on my '50 coupe.
  23. Yes, you can get a whole car for that money, but it's way more difficult to hang a complete car on the wall.
  24. Sorry to hear that! I'm sorta wondering why you were putting it in the garage when it was already in the carport!
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