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  1. I think you can 86 the kickdown sw. and replace it with a sw. mounted inside the car, such as on your shift lever, and then you can shift in and out of OD whenever you want. I think...
  2. Are you sure that's not Earl Scheib in the early days?
  3. "Hearing protection?......Don' need no stinking hearing protection!!!"
  4. What years and models of Ford and GM had the vacuum canisters? That sounds like a slick idea. Flo
  5. The only thing that makes me mad about this situation is that I didn't get one, too!! You got a good fambly!! Flo
  6. How about Sushi? I'm sure that's just the Japanese word for "Bait"!
  7. Well, it sounds like you were able to get fixed up without having to take your pants off. That's always a good thing. I'm just starting the prostate adventure. There's gonna be lotsa pants-off time with things stuffed in all the exits. And that's just to find out what's wrong. I cringe thinking about what's involved with the actual repairs! I keep telling myself it's better than not being able to fix it. (Assuming it's fixable.) Last month I had a spot on my ear froze off. DANG!!! That HURT!! It was sore as a boiled owl for a week! Who was the dipstick that came up with the term "Golden Years"? There appears to be alot of tarnish on the gold! Gettin' old ain't for wimps, but I guess it's better than the alternative!
  8. Wow! That sucks! My '50 runs like a top, but it's making some not too pleasant noises. I've been debating doing a rebuild. You just made up my mind. Let us know if you can determine what exactly happened. Flo
  9. Vacuum leak? Maybe at the carb base- need to tighten the carb bolts/nuts? Flo
  10. You should definitely wait until it's all back together so those two jobs will be REALLY difficult and it will be way more likely that you scratch up the new paint. Then there's the added bonus of being able to have the car down during better/prime driving weather. But, you already knew all this! Nyuk, Nyuk! Flo
  11. Isn't that the "Ramchargers" when they first started out?
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