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  1. I'm going to install the engine in my '50 coupe. The front fenders, grille and core support are all on the car. Can I install the engine with the transmission attached? It has an OD, if that makes any difference.
  2. Not a waste of time. It's always uplifting to know I am not the only one who does that sort of thing!!!! Glad you got it figured out.
  3. Thanks for the reply and info.
  4. I'm starting to put things back together after a lengthy down time. Some of the details are a bit sketchy. I was reading about if the intake gets separated from the exhaust you should not fully tighten the intake to exhaust bolts until each one is fully tightened to the block. Which got me thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to separate the 2 units to avoid unexpected stresses that could break off a flange ear. Then I looked at what I have for fasteners that were original to it and there is sort of a mish-mash of bolts, studs and washers. There are some studs with what appears to be lock nuts that are installed backwards that fit into a cone shaped brass flat washer. There were 4 of those and then 7 plain ol' hexhead nuts with some flat washers. There are 4 positions that are like open slots that require a thick washer. Is that where the cone shaped nuts/washers are used? How about the others- should there be flat washers? Should any of them have lock washers? There weren't any lock washers when i took it apart. Other than the 2 long bolts should they all be studs with nuts rather than bolts? Any info on torque specs? I will need some of the cone shaped nuts and washers- any one know where to get those? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. It's looking good, and there is a certain satisfaction in knowing I'm not the only one who suffers from the "2 forward and 1 back" syndrome.
  6. I'm in the midst of rebuilding my OD trans, too. Just picked up a bearing today and will begin putting it together tomorrow. You mentioned a new rear seal. I got one from George Asche, and it is just the "rubber" seal, with no felt piece like the original, (which is ruined after removing it). Does your new seal have the felt piece? How far in did you seat the new seal? Thanks for any info.
  7. I think I know what happened to my lost Poodle.
  8. Just checked my original transmission and the shield on it is on the inside. I think we got a consensus.
  9. Thanks for the info. It looks you got much better results than the movies show. yours seems to have truer edges. I like the look you ended up with.
  10. 48 isn't too young for grandkids. Don't ask me how I know. (But it's fun once you get used to it!)
  11. Thanks for the info on the tires, however, I'm not familiar with "tire grinding". Got any info on that? Thanks.
  12. My 1953 OD transmission has a bearing that is shielded on the transmission interior side, like your original. I have a new bearing on order from NAPA, due here next week. I think there is plenty of lube available that the shield can be on the inside and it is still necessary to have a drain-back to the case from the front of the bearing. I will look at the original non-OD stock transmission and see what that bearing is like.
  13. That looks like the unit my great-uncle had back in the '50s. Except for the potty room. His wasn't the deluxe one like that.
  14. May I ask what brand the tires are? And the size?
  15. Grand kids, especially cute ones as shown, are the paybacks for having put up with raising their parents!!! Only thing is, it will seem like no time at all and your grand daughter will be getting married and go off with her own life. That just happened to us and we missed it all by being in the hospital with bypass surgery!!!!!
  16. Call George Asche at 814-354-2621. He's got everything you'll need and a whole bunch of stuff you don't need but would like to have!!! A real nice guy to deal with, too.
  17. I'd offer my help and advice, but I still have 12:00 flashing on my VCR, so you can see what help I'd be. Sorry. And, good luck!!
  18. That's a good 3 days work! Fun, too. Yay! Road trip! When you get to the left turn at the big water, lemme know. I'll see if I can buy you guys a cup of coffee. You'll probably want a break by then. Of course, pics are requisite.
  19. All new parts are filled with new smoke by the factory, so a smoke replacer would probably have very limited use rendering it impractical to develop.
  20. Yeah, great pics. They made me wonder how much money gets spent on this hobby each year. gotta be a bunch!
  21. Thanks. that sounds like a good idea.
  22. What a great trip! The cars are always cool, but they don't mean much without the people.
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