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  1. Next spring I’ll be able to join the most senior age group! Been trying to get back to my 50. Plymouth coupe; health issues keep getting in the way. Golden Years, my patoot!
  2. What a fun ol’ car! They couldn’t manufacture the same personality today! Please continue to share your fun.
  3. Too bad we can’t figure out a way to trade front springs- I wanna lower the front of mine! BTW, that’s a really sharp looking car!
  4. Speedway probably stocks about a dozen and Allied probably has hundreds, thus the price difference. (Speedway might even get theirs from Allied!) Both units appear to have the same specs, so either should do. “They” say the resistors get really hot in use; maybe you should go with a higher wattage unit. Same voltage and current ratings and ohmic values, but higher watt rating to handle/dissipate the heat. And mount it on a heat sink of some kind (hunk of aluminum flat bar) where it will get some air flow. Use heat sink compound, also.
  5. Back in ‘64 I sort of inherited a ‘46 Town Sedan. It was just an old car that didn’t run so I tore it apart to fix it. I had no idea what was wrong with it. Dad got tired of it sitting around and one day it disappeared. DOH!!!!!
  6. This is good information to remember. Thanks for doing the “R&D” for the rest of us!
  7. A factory manual is a must, imo. It’s not just useful, it’s quite entertaining, also.
  8. You are having too much fun!!! The battery is an excellent idea!
  9. Just an FYI, one reason the factory had for stacking a bunch of connections on the starter, for one example, was to save 6&13/16” (or whatever) of wire in the manufacturing process. A nickel, a nickel there. It adds up to BIG bucks for the factory.
  10. I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks.
  11. Thanks,Greg. Good info!
  12. Thanks Greg and Ken. No excuses now! I’ve been thinking about doing the manual kickdown sw.
  13. can anyone tell me where I can procure some O.D. Parts. Putting O.D. In ‘50 Plymouth coupe and need a kick down sw. w/mounting bracket and operating linkage. Also need an O.D. Relay and might as well replace the horn relay. I checked Roberts to no avail. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  14. My 50 SD coupe has a model 550 heater unit. There is a capillary tube from the defroster duct to the water control unit under the dash. What is the purpose of that and how can I test it to see if it is properly "doing its thing"?
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