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  1. Thanks for the info, that's very helpful.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has the part number for the 2 piece socket shaped bushing that goes into the Z bar for the clutch rod? The ball end that mounts on the engine rides in this bushing. This is for a 3 speed manual car. I have my engine out and was cleaning about 3" of dirt and oil off of everything in that area. Not knowing it was in there I managed to lose one of the halves. I did find the other half after sifting through the the dirt pile a few times! Also if anyone knows a place where I can source the bushing from that would be great. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for the responses Guys. I did see the auction car below and it's the only recent data point I have for price. It went for $18,500 for apparently a #4 car. Being an auction there was also a 10% buyer's fee. There's just not much info on the 50 convertibles that you can find on the web. That data along with the older info from the price guide below is helpful in extrapolating a realistic a price range for what I'm looking at of $6K to $8K. The seller is pretty much in line with that without any serious negotiations and for whatever reasons he's interested in a partial trade for 65 V8 Valiant convertible I'm selling. So it's a definite maybe for me. I just need to decide if it's something I want to get into. Also the car is a fluid drive. Thanks again for your help, Dave
  4. For comparison here's a 52 for sale near me for $4,700. Also, in New England finding something in decent condition is much harder than down south so you would expect prices to be a bit higher still. http://hartford.ebayclassifieds.com/classic-cars/wethersfield/1952-desoto-4-door-v8-hemi/?ad=5017483.
  5. Hi All I don't post to this board too often but read almost every day. I'm familiar with old Mopars (had a 53 Cambridge, and currently a 50 biz coupe). I've just come across an 50 Desoto Convertible and have a chance to buy it. It's not something I was looking to buy and only have mild interest in it. Still I want to do some diligence and was wondering if anyone was familiar with this particular model. I've done some internet searching but only found very limited info. Specifically I was wondering about price range and general desirability. This car is solid but is a project. The PO has it semi-disassembled (not a problem for me) and running condition of engine/trans is unknown. He has had the interior re-upholstered but did not install it. It would need paint, top, assembly and possibly mechanicals. Any opinions/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  6. Looks like a Cord front wheel drive.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I emailed the guy with the engines to see if he knows what cars they are from, very possible pre-36 PDs. Also I agree no harm in just running the engine to see if it clears up a bit. The engine also has at least two freeze plugs that apparently have rusted through and are leaking. I know easy fix. Beyond that it runs well, basically purrs even with 100K reading on the odometer. BTW, a few more pictures attached for you viewing pleasure!
  8. Hi All Long time lurker and been meaning to post an intro for a while now. My current old mopar is a 50 Plymouth business coupe all stock. My previous was a 53 Cambridge sedan. The coupe recently came out of 18 years of storage in the PO's garage, see pic below. Anyway, without too much drama I have it running after a quickie carb. cleaning and it looks like the original 218 is burning a fair amount of oil. My immediate goal is to get the car road worthy so I've been looking at dropping in a replacement flathead. Also considering a 273 swap b/c I have most of what I need already sitting in my garage. A guy near me has a three flatheads available and he emailed me the numbers, but I don't recognize them. They all have a PD prefix; PD157776, PD37742, PD41281. I know of P,D,T, IND prefixes, etc. but I'm not familiar with PD. So my question is does anyone recognize what these engines might be from? Any info would be much appreciated. Lastly to finish my intro , I'm basically into vintage cars and bikes of any kind. Other toys I currently own are a 64 Corvette convertible, a 65 Valiant convertible, a 34 Hudson hot rod coupe, and a number of vintage and newer Triumph motorcycles. This list is changing all the time because I seem to have a sickness of constantly buying and selling old tin! Thanks again for any help on the engine id's. Dave
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