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  1. Yes, artwork is by Vince Ray. It was specially commissioned by us. The Rhythm Riot festival was a HUGE success - I even got a namecheck from Lloyd Price, during his show. WOW!!! Still recovering from the exhaustion, but feeling very happy.
  2. There a 1953 magazine for sale on Ebay and it shows this double-page spread with a picture (no 12) of a P15 that's been nosed and shaved and with what looks like a 49 Mercury front grille and frenched headlights. I like the look - with rocker panel and side moldings still retained. Just thought you'd like to see it. All the best. Robin.
  3. Thanks for sharing your great picture collection, David. I love seeing those period shots (and I use them as a constantly changing desktop on my computer). All the best. Robin.
  4. I picked up a couple of very good used rocker moldings from ebay about a year ago for, I seem to remember, about $150. I'd seen the way prices were going for NOS, so I thought I'd get some before they went completely crazy. In fact, the pieces were so good I haven't needed to repair them. They went on the car last week and look great. My old ones are very badly dented and scratched. (Worth keeping, to be restored, if prices keep going the way they are).
  5. Looks to me like 'inside wiper parking' is only possible on the convertible because of the shorter blades and the different wiper pillars. Obvioulsy woodies would be the same.
  6. Here's my car. I know it's not factory correct but I much prefer the wipers this way. And hey - the car doesn't belong to the factory any more!!! ~(ha ha) Robin.
  7. Bob, Well spotted. Those wipers are parked the way mine sit, on my convertible. I had noticed that most other cars have them parked to the outside, but I actually prefer the look when they are parked inwards. By the way, I noticed that you've been promoted to senior member!!! R.
  8. David, Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I'd date those at around 1950. Saddle shoes would have been worn even before WW2, so you can't go from that. The hairstyles (his and hers), size of his shirt collar, condition of the car and the points you mention regarding tires and hubcaps are the things I've gone by. But the paint certainly looks like dark metallic blue, rather than black. I think Howard's (ex) convertible was that type of color. R.
  9. Hi Arthur, Charlie Akers can now supply the kit. I have just ordered from him. Send him a message to: olddaddy@tampabay.rr.com Good luck. Robin.
  10. Yes, Niel, That was my car. He did really well to spot it, though. My friend's 58 Buick Limited was also used for that shoot.
  11. I just got my convertible back from the body shop after having a small bit of work done. Also had some replacement moldings fitted to rocker panels, fenders and sides of hood and everything adjusted to line up a bit better. The car goes to the paintshop on Monday for a couple of places to be 'blown in' and it's gonna look so much better. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I'll report again when it's all done. R.
  12. The night I went with Chet, a photographer took this picture. I think I'll be getting a print as a Christmas present, but here's the sample from his website.
  13. Explorer for Mac didn't... :-(
  14. ...at last!!! I work with a Mac and I've been having all sorts of trouble trying to get my browser to work with the new Forum (and getting the Forum to recognise my log in). I've just tried a different browser and it seems to be working. WOW! The profile list, with pictures, is great. I think I'll be spending a few happy hours looking at all those great machines. Just thought I should drop a message into the new home of P15-D-24.com and say 'Hi'. Looking forward to many more happy years in the company of you guys. Robin.
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