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  1. Yes, I believe the raised numbers toward the rear by the starter is the casting number, the 1138129-5. It's the one I used to determine it is a 251.
  2. I was able to use the casting number to find out it is a 251. The rest is a mystery still
  3. Hello, I just purchased a engine from a friend that came out of a early 60's Power Wagon. Also, this engine was a replacement that his dad bought from Sears way back. It has a Spitfire Head, although I know it may not have been original. It is the long block. Numbers as best I can read are; This is where my P23 engine number is located, driver's side, front close to the head. N258979CAL Another number on the block, close to where the starter is; 1138129-5, I think this is the casting number Any help as to what size motor this is? Everywhere I looked on the internet do not show a number starting with N,, but this letter I am sure of. Thanks in advance
  4. I waited all of two weeks to take the fronts off. I waited till I got a good looking rear panel before I took the rear bumper off.
  5. Been thinking about this for awhile, and not real sure if I can get this down correctly as yet, but here goes. I am glad the "select few, or more" have enjoyed the status of Boo Bird. I am all for fun n games, I even have some of my own. I even don't mind if the so called "founding member" has taken every opportunity to poke jabs in my direction since those two famous words were posted, by me I might add. But, I have grown tiresome of it to be honest, and so I would guess my participation on here will end soon. Either by being banned, (not without have my say once at least, unless this post gets deleted), or just walking away. So I have a few things to say to the birds, then all the birds, or wanna be birds (add that to your signature), can have theirs. Don, Crankshaft (?) Coatney; Should be Don, 'my way or the highway" Coatney. You have driven away more than several members who no longer post on here, or who wont post at all. All because you harassed them for not doing it your way. You have been on my case, albeit subtle, since I didn't have my cam ground the way yours was. In fact, ANYBODY who does not do his or her project your way is just plain wrong, and you take it upon yourself to discredit them. Your a wanna be friggen dictator. I have tons more, but I try to positive in my post, however so hard to do when describing your bullish tactics. You hide behind the facade of what is for the good of the forum, yet in reality it's all about you. I could go on, but I am aware even this will get deleted. I am hoping you can get my drift. Tim Adams Your probably the most informative person I have met concerning these cars. Although I must say on some posts I have to read, read again, and yet once again, to figure out exactly what your saying sometimes. And I would not be surprised if you were the most respected poster on here. I have benefited many times for you post, im, and email, for that I thank you. But I do not think you realize how much weight you opinion carries, I can only say for sure on me, but I suspect many many more. I don't see you in this group of Boo Birds, maybe it's your way of poking fun, or I'm just wrong and you do. But, also IMO, you have a responsibility, albeit possibly unwanted, to post both pros and cons, not just negative as Don thrives on when dealing with a individual. But if you feel I am wrong, and you want to discredit me too, well I can live with that. But you, and a few others genuinely are out to promote our cars and hobby. Frankie, Little Ed I really don't know you both that well. Please read on; I think our debates were just that, difference of opinion, and for the most part not cutting or mean in nature. To everyone; I think for the most part I have been a positive poster here. I have brought some new ideas maybe even, and in general I think a pretty fair guy. Obviously to some I have not been that way, I guess I rubbed them the wrong way. I am not sorry for that. But if I did offend someone indirectly, I do apologize for that. I feel it is a cowardly act to not confront something or someone directly. Which I feel has been happening here. It is still beyond me how someone can magically wave their hand across the computer screen in a manner of seconds and determine is something is good or bad. I find it offensive to attack someone for trying to make a few bucks selling something. Even if that person does not know the going price, or has another's knowledge of exactly what is being sold. To put somebody down for that is childish. If you don't like something, don't buy it. If you have something to say to me, say it. I have asked several members in IM questions concerning what they meant. I hate backstabbers. Guess I should end this. (some would say rant) So, if I leave, or get banned for stating my opinion, that's fine. Don, you may be able to list another driven out of here. That's what you should have in your signature, not a saying you didn't have the intelligence to think of yourself. Founding member? Many a good person left because of you, and many a good person won't participate in this forum because of you. Put that in your signature.
  6. I really like the magazine too. With the latest format change, it is good reading to me. Be nice if it got in. My guess they will look it over.
  7. And there you have it Ladies and Gentleman. The Boo Bird Stamp of Non Approval. We are safe once again from the tyrants of free enterprise.
  8. Man, a spare garage, I am so envious. That car, even with a few issues, has entertained many people through it's journeys. Here's hoping for a safe journey home for you, and the car next March.
  9. YW,, did you hook up with Vargas Upholstery?
  10. If not, I think you can put some sealant on there and let it get tacky or a bit rubbery before you tighten the plate bolts up snug.
  11. I see you did seal the bolts, my bad. I believe there are two types of backing plate for these. One has a hole for a by-pass I believe. If it is different from your original you may have to swap plates.
  12. Tedious work but well worth it. Man it is lookin good.
  13. Or Restoration Specialties they have a online catalogue http://www.restorationspecialties.com/catalog.htm
  14. I'm lucky enough to True I'm lucky enough to have a partner who enjoys both working and cruisin in the car. But we still watch the money part of it. Labor is free...And actually she works less on it now, which is ok too. That's why I mentioned $50 per hour. It's all variable, in everything.
  15. Convertibles certainly add to the maintenance procedure. Keeping them dry inside, especially the trunk is a big issue. Luckily all mine were OK, I tend to like my cars to look good, so I was pretty anal about detail stuff. Only issue I had was a Le Baron that had drain hoses going from the top's rear window thru the trunk and out below. For some reason they were short, and sometimes ended inside the trunk. With wind, I have yet to see a convertible be free of wind noise. Although I would guess the newer ones are better. I didn't mind it, for me having the top down and the wind blowing through my hair, (or hairless head nowadays) was worth any minor inconveniences. Good upkeep will get you though everytime. Problem is now finding a old one that has not been left out for long periods with no cover. After thinking more, if I add sport cars to the mix, I have had 7. You would be surprised how much scenery you miss in a hard top while traveling.
  16. Not including the original price of the car Say $50 per hour I realize for most this is a hobby, a few may be even in it for profit. For me it's my second car, (2003 4x2 Ram), so it has to run well. We take it everywhere, hence the T-5, AC, Stereo, three point seat belts, etc. But if I was to charge for my hours working on my car to get it to where it is today, it would be way way overpriced. Heck I even rewired the car twice because I didn't like the first results. When I bought this car, from a Chevy guy, he said don't put any money into it, just use it to get you into the correct car events. (because it wasn't a ford or Chevy, or any popular car used for hot rodding or classics.) I haven't seen him in the six years I have had it, but I think he would be surprised to see it now. I started crunching numbers, my car would be worth a mint.
  17. Man, almost spit out my coffee on that one. Very very true words. It does say obo, for someone interested certainly be worth a up close and personal look. From what I understand the top may not be road worthy? So that's some bucks.someone tried to patch it awhile ago. A good inspection would reveal lots. My last three cars were topless. Something to be said for cruising (not in the hot sun), on a cool evening with the top down.
  18. Pad, trunk handle and license lamp housing. Molded correct replacement for #938977 & #1149304. 1942: All models 1946-48: All Chrysler and DeSoto; Dodge and Plymouth 2 dr sedan & 3 pass coupe 1949: Plymouth 2 dr sedan & 3 pass coupe Dont know if you have a two or four door. 40-0391-85.....$ 30.30/ea. They have pictures on their web site. After reading more, I don't think thats what your looking for, but they may have it. https://secure.steelerubber.com/
  19. Your right, I apologize for my contribution to it. It is a great car for sure.
  20. I get it just fine Frankie, and your wrong on this one, in general. (my opinion right?) I guess I think there are better ways to express something other than basically inferring some guy is a idiot for not posting a item exactly the way he/she would. Or being insulted because of it. But hey, that's just me. I am also not saying you did this, or even on this thread. But it happens, for whatever value I have no idea. My skin is pretty thick, almost leather like, from age and the life I live. And I don't like bullies. I tolerate them, just don't like em.
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