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    I am a proud owner of a 47 Plymouth Special Deluxe sedan. I purchased it in 2003. So far I have had


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  1. Very nice man by the name of Pop Johnson bought my car today. Kinda sad but its in good hands now. Pop is also a new forum member so please welcome him.
  2. It was 19 degrees here last week and everyone was miserable. 13 is just uncalled for.
  3. I guess I should do the cold concrete crawl.
  4. When I turn the key (push the ignition) the starter doesn't seem to engage but rather makes a spinning noise. The car has always been like this but I'm sure this isn't correct. Is this the starter itself and can I fix it? Best. ARTHUR
  5. You might like the car in this one. My friend shot this video of a local band. Not too crazy about the song though.
  6. Is this the Hershey Highway:D Oh man someone had to go there. Sorry. Best. ARTHUR
  7. Why couldn't you jack up the pumpkin and support the weight on the axles?
  8. Those are good ball park figures to go by. Don, where did you get your Smithy's and what size are they?
  9. What would be a reasonable price to pay for running dual pipes on my 47 considering I buy glass packs myself? Best. ARTHUR
  10. Stromberg 81's or Holley 92's for a buddy. Does anyone know of a source? Best. ARTHUR
  11. I'm happy with my Optima case and battery.
  12. And its a good excuse. Gave my old studio/room to my oldest daughter. Hopefully my life will have less conflict. Best. ARTHUR
  13. Had a man by the name of Scott make an offer for my plymouth a while back. I misplaced his number while I was relocating my studio. Does anyone know him? Best. ARTHUR
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