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  1. My 25" 251cid engine does not have timing pointer too.🧐
  2. 👍 understood.Thanks.But a question:cold or hot plugs does not interfere in increasing or decreasing the compression ratio?
  3. I would like to know if the spark plug hot or cold have relation with compression ratio.I always used NGK B6S and after milled its head a friend recommended to use NGK B4.Could this be a increased of compression ratio and it is causing a little leak in the gasket?
  4. I run BR6S plugs in mine. They are the correct heat range for these motors. I definitely would not run anything hotter based on my plug readings. Jeff Can this be the motive that is causing the leaks?
  5. Jeff I always run too with NGKB6S although noticed more black its eletrodo.Now when I was buy the head gasket the seller recommended to me and show a book that says CHYRSLER 1950-56.......B-4
  6. We assembled the engine yesterday.It already functioned.It had a little leak in the left side of the gasket.We retorqued to 100 foot pounds and it stopped to leak.We put NGK B-4 hot spark plugs.Is it better than NGK B-6 cold spark plugs?
  7. Merle.I sent pic yesterday showing that my water pump is not open behind the backing plate.No hole drilled in the backing plate.
  8. If you don’t have a thermostat installed then there is no need for a bypass circuit. However, operating without a thermostat isn’t good for your engine. It’ll take longer to get to operating temperature and may not cool as efficiently as it should when it does get hot. Merle.I can clog the hole again with a piece of rubber.
  9. I do not use its thermostat valve since I bought in 1987.It is probably to damage?
  10. Today I withdrew the water pump to see if exist communication with the bypass hole on the block but not exist.See the pics.The hole that not exist in the water pump would be in the point of the red pen.
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