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  1. My WWII 1944 GMC CCKW 353 is equipped with 6V armature and housing.Fields(4) are 12V.Always work fine.Now I am rewind the armature to 12V.
  2. WWII GMC CCKW 1944 recommend that in HIGH ALTITUDES use short stroke of accelerator pump(Zenith carburetor).In Carter B&B has a similar procedure to put to short stroke.
  3. I do not have the original B3-B radiator cap.Which type of radiator cap(pounds)?Regards.Thanks.
  4. My original Carter fuel pump(mechanical) has the same oil leak.I think it comes to the arm shaft.
  5. Which color is for my CHRYSLER IND 251?Considering the correct direction of oil flow is main to rod(pic),then after the restriction we have low pressure,right?
  6. Today I disassembled the oil gauge and noticed that pointer was not touching its stop place with engine off.Then I moved a spring kind horseshoe attached to the pointer and now it begins to touch its rest place.When in idle the pointer stays between 40 and 80 pounds.(video Mopar 1948 says in idle near zero).The pointer was just a little bit different from zero(stop place) with engine off.
  7. Compare it to what your original gauge is showing.
  8. I searched but did not find a B3-B new oil gauge in Ebay.Can I try for a while in a WWII GMC oil gauge truck?
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