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  1. Totally dig the bumpers. BloodyKnuckles
  2. Thanks Jim. We worked our butts off. I can totally relate. I built a custom '51 Plymouth and drove the wheels off of it with the flathead 6, 6v and stock drivetrain and suspension. I put over 36,000 miles on it and heard the same thing as you. BloodyKnuckles
  3. The front suspension is stock height. The rear has been lowered plus was loaded down with spare parts for the long trip. In the era that I'm shooting for, custom cars that were built were lowered in the rear and not the front. Most people don't follow early customs but I prefer the simplicity of that time. This car had a "hot rod" rake that I didn't care for at all. I'm a custom guy through and through. Level or lower in the rear for me. BloodyKnuckles
  4. Great to meet you Moose finally after all these years! Well, with the help of my club brothers Jerm and Skeeter, we ended up painting the Plymouth 2 days before we left. The drive was smooth and issue free. Here is a few pics. BloodyKnuckles
  5. So, I've been busy. The engine is mounted as is the transmission. I rebuilt and fabricated clutch and brake linkage. Installed different uprights with all new brakes. I'm on a mission. I've made my list of to do's. I'll post some progress pics tomorrow. BloodyKnuckles
  6. Bruce, I'm sorry but I do not. Good luck on the search. I'll keep my eyes open for you. BloodyKnuckles
  7. Marty, Most people think that I'm a bit strange that I wanted to remove the big V8 and discs but I would like to build this car as if the entire thing was built and customized in the 40's. As for the brakes, I choose to drive nothing but old vehicles daily. They all have primitive braking systems that have been completely gone through by me. I do not drive modern day cars with power brakes and ABS. My wife does and so she should. I'm not used to power brakes or discs for that matter so I drive my vehicles as responsible as I probably should. That's not to say that I haven't had my fair share of panic stops over the years but I am usually prepared for the actions my vehicles will take. Over the years, I have found that factory Mopar brakes are the absolute best brakes that were available through the advent of discs. With all that said, I absolutely know that discs are far superior to drums. In my situation, the drum brakes will be more than sufficient for my needs. Thank you Marty. BloodyKnuckles
  8. So, here's a few updated pics of the Plymouth. I've repaired the v8 clearance holes in the front frame crossmember and stripped the paint from the firewall. I have plans to install the flathead 6 today. I also acquired full front factory drum brakes that are completely new and ready to bolt on. The disc brakes are coming off. More pics soon. BloodyKnuckles
  9. A bit of an update. I've been on a mission to located proper engine for the time period and have settled on another flathead 6. I need to prepare the frame back to original before I can bolt it back in. I will run the original, floor shifted trans. Both have been rebuilt with very low miles since. Also, I have acquired the appropriate pedals for the brake, clutch and gas. I will install a dual master cylinder but am removing the discs and installing drums. I know these Mopars pretty well and have always been pleased with the performance of the original braking systems. So, the big thing is that I plan on making a 10 hour trip in October with my other Iron Lord club mates and friends to the Customs By The Sea in Wildwood NJ during the Race Of Gentlemen. This is a great goal for me. I work well under time constraints. I'm anticipating having it on the road and put some good miles on it before the trip. Quick artsy pick of the engine; BloodyKnuckles
  10. Thanks buddy. The Overdrive Mopar A-833 was behind slant-6 mainly. So look for Dusters, Aspens, wagons, 1/2 ton trucks Ford also used a version and GM used both the Mopar bolt pattern and their own pattern, both called the MY6. Easy identifying is they are aluminum cased with a triangular bolt pattern for the side shifter to bolt on. Marty, I have it documented well with many pics. The OD unit is aluminum. I'm not aware of them producing a cast version but would love to know if they did. The rear axle has been changed out to a '59 Galaxy that has the axle emergency brake. I seriously considered another conversion to bolt on the trans brake. I still may. Thanks for the compliment. Trust me Don, that was the direction I contemplated the most. Thanks man! BloodyKnuckles
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