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  1. If you have a part with very good original paint left on it, can you take it to a good auto paint store and let them use their spectrometer (or whatever it's called) to get a match? I think the old paint codes are not used any more. Can you find a later model color that is real close to the original that maybe they can find numbers for? For example, I use 67 Ford yellow on my 47 Plymouth - they can mix that by code. Just a thought.
  2. Nice looking ol MoPar, Nelson. Is it completed yet?
  3. Hi and welcome aboard. Should we take it from your name you live in that city?? If you could fill out the profile with a little info about yourself, it would be helpful. Post a pic of your car if you want to. There are some fellows with parts cars, but I don't know what parts they are willing to sell. Hopefully they will tell you what they have available.
  4. Was that cover that goes around the rear of the generator in place? Could someone have accidentally poured some oil in there, or spilled some, while refilling the oil at the tube? It is a kinda wierd thing.
  5. I just thought maybe Lisa has now become an expert on old MoPars and was taking over for you, Don.
  6. I use that cutoff switch on the right with the two cables running to it. Happened to go in a firewall hole already there. Can turn it on or off from under the dash. If a charge is needed, I use my old Sears 6/12V trickle charger. It seems lately that due to some new wiring in certain areas, the drain is not much. Often times I don't even turn the switch to off while parked in the garage. Also can act as an anti-theft device.
  7. And then, there is my favorite which I used, the POR 15 hi heat silver. It has held up about like Norm's has. The pint can is about $15. I put mine on with a regular brush instead of the foam one. Has held up for about the same time as his.
  8. I think 30 posts is the magic number on here for the Member designation to kick in. Don't have any idea what comes next. Doesn't really matter....
  9. Whoops.....he did say Solenoid, not relay. I was barking up the wrong tree there. Not sure about the solenoid....surely there is one somewhere. Would they be interchangable with anything else?
  10. Robert, the Chevy coupe was seemingly all original except for new paint. There was a Chevy pickup of about the same vintage, re-done as original. The P15 has new seat and door panel upholstry, done in the general style of original. The two tone 50 Merc is re-done as original. Green 56 T Bird was really sharp. All in all several nice cars in this small gathering.
  11. The B.W. R10 overdrive trans uses the Autolite HRT 4001 relay. It resembles the one pictured here, with the fuse standing on end. The one shown is for an Under-drive unit. When looking for one of the relays, I called a couple vendors who wanted around $100 or more for one. I finally got a NOS relay on ebay a while back for $50. Apparently no one was watching that auction too closely. You would think that if someone knew just exactly how that OD relay works, they could then come up with another model number that worked the same way. But it must not be that easy.
  12. Hi Lee. Interesting find. How did you get onto the place? Was the sign already taken down, or did you have to remove it? Around here, there are lots of closed up businesses that have sat for years. Some still have things in them, others are just empty or contain assorted junk. Our nearby old stuff dealer, Ron Riediger, in Diamond, MO recently bought out the contents of an old general store over in Kansas. Guess they were about to demolish the building. He got some neat old stuff.
  13. Maybe it was one of those 1944 models, made during the war for the taxi business. =)
  14. This car is a 46 DeSoto, so I guess it would have the two studs on the floorboard, with two holes in the bottom part of the gas pedal. (On some cars, probably later models, there is a hinge on the bottom with a couple holes, attached to the floor with screws or bolts.) One of the studs is broken on mine, so used a sheet metal screw to replace it. The pedal will pop over the screw head just fine. Or you could use two nuts and bolts (with the right size rounded head) if no studs are available.
  15. Fritos are a corn chip. In the same family as potato chips.
  16. Fire House Chili. Good stuff. Put it on top of Fritos. Like Frito Pie. We live in a subdivision at the edge of Joplin. The next town over, which provides our fire protection, has a chili feed/fund raiser once a year. We usually attend. See a few folks we know. Eat some good chili and pie for dessert.
  17. So, what is painted? Guess I don't know whereof you speak. On a P15 46-early 49 Plymouth, all actual grille bars are stainless. The piece behind them onto which they mount, is painted to match the car. Sincerely, Mr Dummy.
  18. Ed, check around. There should be rooms in Tulsa for less than than. Best Wstern places usually have cheaper rates and nice rooms.
  19. Went to that car show this afternoon and did the judging thing. There were about 22 cars there. A benefit for a teenage girl with leukemia, which of course presents her family with some large medical bills. Chili was being served at the local fire station nearby. Numerous donated items were being raffled off. Weather was perfect. Drove the Plym, but did not enter it in the show. There was even a P15 there....a Deluxe. These two fellows, who are also volunteer fireman, joined me in the judging. There were no stated classes to start with, so we made up our own categories as we went. Had 6 trophies to award. A nice afternoon. A community coming together to help one of their own.
  20. I received a call a couple days ago from a lady who is helping put on a benefit fund raiser event today in Carl Junction, MO a small town about 10 miles from the here. The proceeds will go to help a young girl with leukemia. Well, a co-worker of this lady knew that I have an old car, take it to shows, etc...so she asked if i could be a judge for the car show they will have as part of their doings. She said she does not expect a particularly large turnout of cars as there are other shows occurring in the area today. So I said I would do it, and would like the assistance of one or two others of her choosing. Have never actually performed as a judge, although have passed judgement privately on many a car. Weather here is sunny and cool, no rain in the forecast like last weekend. So, I'm going to go there about noon...better dig out my powedered white wig and black robe.
  21. Looks nice Dwight. To use an even larger picture, click on that yellow envelope at top of the message area that looks like it has a mountain on it. You can insert a picture link there that does not have the size restrictions of the thumbnail process.
  22. Hi Mikey. It worked. The thumbnail enlarges OK. Must be an oder picture as the car has whitewalls. How you been doing? Anything new with the car or the music business?
  23. Sent you a note about that place.
  24. Cute, Rob. Lots imagination there. Probably the only space like it.
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