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  1. I guess if you really needed the part and were willing to have it re-chromed, then it would be OK. His starting price is not too bad as they go. Some of the stuff they offer is a lot worse. Like that P15 hood ornament for the same price.
  2. Hmmm. Just got back in on this conversation. It had been a while since I saw that price. Evidently have gone up. It does seem awfully high for a sending unit.....but everything seems to be in the stratosphere nowadays. I ended up paying $100 for a new clear plastic insert for the P15 hood ornament a while back. Not bragging.....kinda complaining. Finally figured that was the only way to get a new one these days. Guess I'm fortunate that right now have just enough play money to get a few things I want, not necessarily need. But that could change at any time. (Come to think of it, I cant recall even one person saying my hood ornament looks good, is that plastic part new?) I know when the SS gets in the picture, they don't exactly make a person rich. So, glad you found a more affordable source.
  3. Check your PMs here on the board for some info. Bob
  4. I guess my point was: does anyone know why the Dodge head on the newer Plymouth motor would not work OK. When I bought the motor, the seller had a finned head and 2 carbs....which he was not going to let me have. So he sent the motor with a stock type head. My mechanic said it didn't look so great, asked if I had any other similar heads available. Happened to have this Dodge one (don't know what year its from). He said it looked better and put it on. Runs OK, but not real zippy on takeoff. Recently got about 17 mpg. Runs smoothly. So, guess it's really not a big problem. Perhaps might do just a bit better with correct year head, but then, maybe not much.
  5. Hmmmm......well, maybe I will change the wiper arms over to park toward the middle. Maybe that's why they don't have such a good swipe. Noticed that when I got caught in some rain a couple weekends ago. Don't normally take it out if raining, but on rare occasions get caught in a rain. Of course, the rain-x helps. That boot I finally got made this summer for the top sure makes it look better.
  6. I think it was originally for some model of a Buick. As you can see, it goes down real low, which I like. Not really correct, however. Designed to be on the curve.
  7. Ed, there are a couple of those on ebay right now, i think. However it seems like they want around 50 bucks for one. Check it out - I put in "plymouth antenna" to search. They go on the side of the cowl.
  8. You can usually find aftermarket items made like these at auto stores. These were actually purchased at swap meets. The one on the left has a base for a curved area, like the curve of the cowl. The one on the right will work on a certain amount of curve plus on a flat surface. Click on the link to see what an original (as furnished by the dealer) antenna looks like. This is shown in the Plymouth parts manual. These are not real easy to find....and not cheap when you do. I suspect Dodge used the same thing as Plymouth. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Parts%20Book%20-%20Other%20Literature/100_1061.jpg What style was your antenna, Michael??? And where was it located?? Oh, and by the way, there is no photo of your car in the members list.
  9. Robin, you only have 22 more posts to go before you, too will be promoted. the magic number seems to be 30.
  10. Box seat covers, side panels $6.99 per yard vinyl with a grain, carpet replaced the rubber front mat. Need to re-do the seats with something better. Trunk carpeted by upholstry guy, I made side panels of the $6.99 per yard vinyl and cardboard type material from Hobby Lobby. Car is yellow.
  11. I presume that the letter D cast into the head stands for Dodge. Looked at a spare head....it has a P there. Numbers below that D are 1311804-2...anyone know what they indicate? Presumably a Dodge part number. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. Which brings me to the next question. Is there much if any difference between a Dodge and Plymouth head. This head is on a 57 Plymouth engine.
  12. Sounds logical Lou. And, of course the water shutoff valve is right there at the rear corner of the head to keep the hot water from flowing thru the heater. Click on link to view valve. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Petey%20Plymouth%202/100_2349.jpg
  13. David....neat pics. I concur with those who think the car is blue. Also noticed that the radio antenna is extended to probably its maximum length. Mounted on the fender So it must have had a working radio. Had the full size wider wheel rings with small hubcaps. The girl's saddle oxfords look like the older style with red rubber soles, a late 40s, to about mid 50s type. In the picture with the snow on the car, you can see that the wipers are parked toward the middle of the windshield. Is that correct? I have mine toward the outside edge.
  14. The family that owns the Joplin Pontiac dealership purchased it in 1958. So this car, which has until lately, sat right in front of the showroom represents the year they started. I was told their body shop actually used a second car to supply parts needed for this one. After several years exposure to the elements, the paint (clearcoat) is peeling and some surface rust appearing on the drivers side. Now sitting behind the dealership. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/BobT3/Photos%20of%20old%20cars%20and%20misc/100_3403.jpg
  15. RIGHT ON, MR DAVIS.!!! The brotherhood of MoPar knowledge is here.
  16. Super looking car Brendan. I see the radio antenna was installed on the passenger side of the cowl on this one.
  17. As has also been stated, simply installing new gas shocks in place of the old oil filled ones makes a noticeable difference. I have not relocated the mounts and can tell some difference in ride and handling.
  18. In your case, Lou, they don't call it plumbing for nothing. Don't think pvc pipe would have woked so great here.
  19. Phone number for Atwater Kent Co is (508) 792-9500
  20. There is.. or was.. a sending unit on ebay in past few days. The Atwater Kent brand new unit is around $50. My Atwater unit works fine.
  21. John, it never ceases to amaze me that people find little things in pictures, like the beer can. That's my radiator overflow container for the HAMB drag races. Held in place by a piece of wire. Guess I'll just leave it there til next year. The radiator normally does not overflow anyway.
  22. And, it's not very far from the oil filler pipe. So, if someone who was filling the oil during a change spilled some on the back end of the genny, some of it could easily run in. I don't know if all generators are made like this one...Rob, does yours have this opening?? Just my guess in this mystery.
  23. Used to have a friend back in the early 60s when we were 16 or 17 who had a fairly decent looking 51 Ford sedan.....but it used quite a bit of oil. We would buy those glass bottles of re-refined oil with a spout on top, sold at filling stations. It was maybe 15 to 25 cents a quart. Had various other 50s cars that I put STP and similar gunk into due to oil use. Had a 57 Ford convertible, fair shape, had been driven hard by a college student.....it smoked big time. I compared it to those trucks that used to go down the alley behind our home in the 50s dispensing a fog designed to kill mosquitos. Never could make it much better - finally sold it for a loss. Shoulda passed on it in the first place, but it WAS a convertible.
  24. This item was just on ebay---sold for 9.99.....seller said was for 46-48 DeSoto. Note the turn signal arrows in the upper corners.
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