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  1. DSC00383.jpg

    On my 47 Plymouth, I just found a used door mount mirror I liked at a swap meet.  Not exactly an original looking

    mirror, but it suits me.  I wanted one that stands out from the side of the car far enough to see around the "bulge"

    in the body.  Only wanted one mirror, not a pair. There are many options for mirrors. 



    The first Mopar I remember was the light grey 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe fourdoor sedan my Dad bought new just after the war.  I heard it said that he was on a waiting list at the local Plymouth/Dodge dealership....and I think he got the first one in town.  I was about three at the time he got it, and being as he kept it 5 or 6 years,,,,I actually recall riding in it and the fact that he invented his own rear door kid safety locks for me and my sister.  He drilled a hole through the door post and into the back doors.....then inserted a long guttering nail (as used by roofers) so we kids couldn't open the doors by accident.  Over the years Dad bought such Mopars as a used 57 Plymouth wagon, a 61 DeSoto and a 66 Chrysler, and eventually an early Dodge Caravan......all seemed to be pretty good cars.

      In high school in 1959 a friend would occasionally borrow a sorta run down 1947 Plymouth convertible with a Dodge truck V8 in it from a guy who worked for his Dad.  We would cruise the old ragtop around town being "real cool".  That car had a style I really liked.....so after completing college and getting a sales job, I drove all over this part of Missouri looking in all possible places, including salvage yards, for a fixable or running P15 convertible.  I finally stumbled across a non running but restorable ragtop at a small salvage yard (the owner had parked it in a small garage to protect it) in Springfield, MO in 1973.  Salvage guy generously let me make several payments via mail ... then when paid for, I took tires on rims plus a tow bar to bring it home.  Still have it...just in better condition.  

        Owned several other 40s and 50s Mopars during the 1970s as you could find them in someone's back yard for $100 or so....and they often ran.   Now driving my 6th Dodge Caravan, which I plan on trading for another one when I get to 150,000 miles.




  3. Well then.....if the perches of pickups and other trucks are above the axle (which I didn't know til now)  (Thanks Frank).......then my rear axle must have

    come from a car in the 1938 to somewhere in the 1940s era......probably Dodge or Plymouth.        I definitely have the step wheel cylinder with the two

    different size halves.     Appreciate the input.   

  4. Good question Frank.  I do not know the answer.  


    Jerry Roberts........in your pickup book......where is the spring perch, above or below the axle?

    The picture you posted does look like mine.


    What I am going by is this--- several years ago I had to replace the brake cylinders and Mr Andy Bernbaum from whom I bought

    those cylinders remarked they were probably from a 39 Dodge pickup due to their style.  I had to send him an old cylinder so

    he could match it from his stock. 

    Otherwise, I don't know what this axle came from......apparently something they found in a

    junkyard in the late 1950s or sometime in the 1960s that they felt would fit the car.


    Thanks to everyone for information .... I'm apparently never too old to learn.       

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