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  1. http://www.resinrealm.net/GALLERIES/RRGallery/index.html


    Mark D.  I looked on the internet and found one name I recall from the past....R and R....who makes many plastic bodys.  Many come with certain parts, but buyer still

    has to supply some things.  Click on link above.  I only saw a 48 P15 biz coupe and a 48 P15 woody wagon model.....no convertible.  What I had planned to do was make the biz coupe into a convertible -- but then someone came out with the ragtop.  So far, I have not seen the convert model.  A person might try contacting one of those companies direct if interested in the

    convert model.    They refer to them as resin model kits.



  2. I have always liked to display some things in the trunk of the Plymouth that are fairly period correct....and show goers often seem to get

    a kick out of seeing them.  Brings back memories.  You can often find usable stuff at rummage or yard sales.  Some in good shape...some

    things need a bit of sprucing up.  Flea markets tend to charge a bit more for stuff, but they sometimes have cool things.  Boils down to what do 

    you happen to like.  Thought I would toss out pics of some of my "knick knacks" as food for thought.  





  3. DSC03158.jpg100_3581.jpg

    I bought a roll of carpet and some padding.  Then took it to a trim shop who cut and fitted it and put binding on the edges.  He cut a flap under the driver's feet  which you can pull back to access the master cylinder.  I put rubber floor mats on the floors which were same color as carpet.  I also had the shop make me a couple carpet floor mats for the front to use at shows.  I also had a carpet made for the trunk since those rubber mats are pretty impossible to find.  

  4. Yes.  I was getting ready to mention the white reflectors.  I bought some 6v led tail lights from Todd at Technostalgia.  They are totally a plastic material and look very authentic.  However they are usually 12 volt.  For a while they made a 6 volt version, but discontinued them due to lack of sales.  If you need 6v you might call and talk to Todd.  They also make a 12v trunk lid brake light.

  5. I think I recall Plywood's owner became unhappy about something and left the forum....before he decided to sell.  Been a while.  There is a fellow from Kansas who appears at an area show here in s w Missouri who has built a woody P15 wagon from a four door sedan....is a street rod with a V8.  He says he had built some rods from Fords, but discovered the Plymouth has a stronger frame.





  6. I would think that car had all rubber mats....front, rear and trunk.   But those mats seem pretty impossible to find.  


    You can buy some roll rubber mat at Lowes I think that might work.  

    Otherwise you may have to use carpet (probably black since a mat would have been black).  

    You could have an upholstery shop make the carpets for a good fit.


    I bought roll carpet for my '47 convert at an upholstery supply place and took it to my upholstery guy....paid him to do it up with edging, etc.

    Came out good.  Did floors and trunk.    


    In the final analysis.....you and a limited few Mopar experts will know if your floors are done just as original.  The general public at a show will

    probably never even see your floors.   If they do they will not know about originality.  Just my two cents worth. 

  7. Yes,,,,,I have one of the nice black rubberized  (kinda expensive)  Logo fender covers for occasional use, plus a couple like the "Craftsman" item.

     Was not aware of the Harbor Fright (er, Freight) pad.  Think I'll look into that......kind of a two-for-the-price-of-one deal when halved.


    Another H F item I have found handy is their four wheel furniture dollies.....for rolling various sorts of containers or items around in the garage.  

    Like most everything in the place, the dollies are run on sale from time to time.


    Thanks for the info gents. 

  8. In looking at a Plymouth engine sitting on a stand a few years ago, I noticed what I think is a

    casting date for the block.  On the driver's side below the distributor as I recall.  So, along with

    the serial number that identifies the car when originally built, the casting number can tell when the

    block was produced.   I presume this number was on all blocks produced back then.  The one in the

    picture was removed from an early '49 P15 coupe.....so the 1953 date indicates it was a replacement

    engine from a later model.  Or....at least that's my best guess.  Just tossing this info out for your reading enjoyment.

    Number is 6-2-53    DSC00351.jpg

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