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  1. morson82

    King Pins

    Thanks for the reply.
  2. morson82

    King Pins

    I'm rebuilding the front end of my 42 dodge. I am trying to put the king pins in but I cannot get the shims in above the bearing. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work. Can I omit the shims or will that cause me problems.
  3. SLOWLY getting the car back together. Beginning to work on rear end. Was wondering if there was a place that sold all the pieces in a kit or am I going to have to get each piece individually. I know bernbaum and Roberts sells the parts. Also, anyone selling a BW R10 tranny or knows of anyone selling one please let me know. Thanks.
  4. I am starting to rebuild the chassis of my 42 dodge. I have been blasting and painting the suspension parts most of the summer and now I'm ready to start bolting the parts to the fame. I purchased all new pivot bars and related parts for the upper and lower control arms as well as king pins and tie rods. Looking for some advise on how to properly install the upper and lower control arms to the new pivot bars, as the manual calls for a specific tool to install same and I obviously don't have it. Any help or suggestions as I start this process are appreciated. I will keep updates coming with pics. Thanks
  5. I have been amassing parts for the rebuild of my 42 Dodge for around 5 years now and have never heard of/seen a cast aluminum replacement grill for the 42 dodge. As stated, shirt year build and too year specific for any body repos. If I remember correctly, the big difference between the us/can versions regarding the grills was the can version had fewer horizontal cross bars. I currently have 2-3 complete 42 dodge grilles all needing some attention and a rechrome. I have a complete parts car as well, so I'm very lucky in that respect.
  6. The cable is the one that is between the 2 rusted wires. The other pic shows the cable running down the firewall and towards to tranny
  7. The cable from the "T" handle in the dodge goes down the firewall and towards the tranny. I am positive that it does not connect to the hood latching mechanism. Anything I can do to help out a fellow car enthusiast I will do. I'm good friends with the owner, but he can be very quirky when he wants to be. If anyone is interested let me know and I will see what I can do.
  8. The one from the dodge or the Chrysler. I don't think the Chrysler will match ur Plymouth.
  9. I don't think the 42 had that option. But when this car is finished, I plan on driving her quite a bit, so I'm looking to better my highway experience.
  10. Not sure what the knockdown linkage looks like or where it would be located, same goes with the relay. Anyone have pics of these.
  11. Ok, so I was at my local junk yard and I found what appears to be a 46 Chrysler Windsor and a 49-50 dodge meadow brook. I am trying to locate an OD tranny for my 42 dodge. I saw on for sale on eBay and the guys was asking $4000.00....wow! Anyway, between the two cars I figured that the Chrysler had a better chance of having the OD tranny. These cars have been sitting for 30 years the frames are on the ground. I first looked at the dash of the Chrysler and I did it see a "T" type handle that I vaguely remember controlled the OD. However there we what appeared to be switches located on the bottom of the dash that I thought might electrically control the OD. So.... This morning I began slowly jacking up the Chrysler to get a better look at the tranny. Was not an easy job with a small bottle jack, but a wasn't lugging a roller jack into the woods. So after an hour or so I got the car up pretty high secured it and then the jack let go. It did not appear that this was an OO tranny, go figure. I then found the dodge and looked at the dash and saw what appeared to be the standard "T" handle that engages the OD tranny. I followed the cable that the handle was connected to and it went back towards the tranny and was different than the parking brake cable. I have attached some pics. Due to the jack crapping out I was not able to get a look under the car. Before I go through all the trouble, I wanted to know what guys out there thought. Also, the Chrysler has a complete front grill that needs replating but is all there and not dented or missing pieces. The front and rear bumpers are in good shape, not bent or rusted and have the bumper guards, which are in the same shape.. This car had the red and blue plaid interior.. Anyone looking for parts, let me know.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Yes, the rear end is disassembled. The pumpkin is still together but out of the unit. Has anyone done this and if so, where did u get the materials to complete the task. What are the pitfalls I need to look out for/ things to not over look. And as for whether or not I'm "restoring" or "customizing" my car, that is all in the eyes of the beholder. She will be stock when I'm done, less the rear end gears. To me, she will be restored and that's all that matters.
  13. Hello all, it's been quite awhile since I have been to the forum but its great to be back. I am restoring my 42 dodge sedan and am about to have the frame and suspension parts blasted and primered. I just finished taking the rear end apart and was wondering if there was a way to change the gears so that I would have a better cruising speed. I did have the car on the highway and she whined quite a bit. If there is a way to change out the gears what would be a good set and where could I get them. I know installing an OD tranny would be the easiest but I do want to keep her original as possible and want to keep the fluid drive as well.
  14. Hi Mike, you might want to give Bob McGee from R/Car Fabrications a call. He does outstanding fabricating, is devoted to morpars and his prices are very reasonable. his # is 860-513-1118. Glenn
  15. Here are some pics of my 42 Dodge as she sits today. All her cancer was removed and replaced with metal by R/Car Fabrications. I have the body totally off the frame now, really was not that bad and have removed the rearend and front suspension. Hopefully the frame and rearend will be at the sandblasters by next weekend. Glenn
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