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  1. St. Louis is IN!!!! On the calender. Plenty of time to think about the details. I'm with Don on the hotels, I travel a lot and have a pretty good stash of points. Just stay up late and sip on the local brew.
  2. drive and retorque my 47 I know was put together right, but it has plenty of leaks. Guess what, I hear when you get over sixty everything leaks and drips
  3. Where did you get the sockets for the conversion
  4. Thanks for thinking of St. Louis. Actually heading the other direction for a meet. Serioulosy I would love to come to New York area next summer
  5. Furylee, I think it does, because I also read that the tall pines region had discussion about a "neutral site" and other regions helping out? California is a long way to go
  6. here is my 2 cents worth. My 47 also ran warm. 180 thermostat. but when its really hot out it will go to 200. First thing I would check is the radiator, in fact I would flush it and the block just be sure. The bypass is/could be an issue. But believe it or not, timing was my issue. I had it advanced too much, runs cool now
  7. I paid 450 from a custom exhaust shop, for dual, pipe, mufflers and tips.
  8. I need the longer style, I can measure it tommorrow
  9. Well continue to clean up my 49 coupe, it has the brackets for two horns but only one in place not sure if one was taken off or they just didn't put it in. Anyone got an extra lying around?
  10. On my 49 business coupe duals and OD 3.7 rear end 21-22 My 47 Sedan duals, OD and 3.7 13- 21 go figure George didn't tell you but he runs 3.2 rear end gears
  11. Yes it is at Gateway, Not sure of the enry fee, I have seat belts in my business coupe, but they never really teched my car, the only thing I know for sure they made me add is a catch can for the radiator overflow.. My times are 19.29 but my mph was 69-71? Not sure how that all happens. I like to get their on Friday for practice and I can get in 6-8 passes easy, then on Saturday lots of cars, and then I think Sunday is the big shoot out! We will see
  12. Yes, my 49 Business Coupe will back at this years Monster Mopar Nostalgic drag races. Five plus years since I first put it together, three national meets, Indy, Charlotte and Detroit, 2 Monster Mopar drag races. So it was time for a little clean up. Just completed some major rebuild/repairs Rear Leaf springs and shackle bushing Rebuilt my OD transmission, chipped second gear Clean and resurface clutch and pressure plate R/R front wheel cylinders and brakes New Rhode Island Wiring Harness Stripped the motor and engine bay, repaint to the orginal color's Clean and Rebuilt both carbs Points and Condensor Need to break that 19.2 record I set!!!!
  13. I agree with Greg G I hear Andy B is a good guy until you want your money back
  14. BFH has to happen, I have heard conflicting reports, but I pounded on mine, got a good load on it, added a little heat with a shot wd40 (the heat will cause the lube to suck in) another smack with the BFH and POW!!!! off she came. I too add a little grease. (sometime you can have the shaft too clean)
  15. Welcome, your car was made for wide whites, bite the bullet get a set from coker, wide white radials. you won't be disappointed in the look and the ride. Just drove my 47 to Portland and back
  16. Shawn, I had a similiar situation on my 49. it had been signed and dated back inthe 70's and actually changed hands a couple of time before I got the car. I went to the Missouri DMV, out in the country at an off period time. I told them I had a what if scenerio and how should I handle it, just a copy of the title ( I was thinking of buying it) They were perfect, told me to come back when it was filled out (my name) and I had to pay the back tax (personal property tax) of $200.00 switched it to my name
  17. Have you tried Hagerty? I have my two plymouths with them
  18. Have replacedin both my cars. I got the bearings and seal from PLYDO, I am sure others have them. Check the links section for rebuilders. I would think that if you pulled the unit out, replace the bearing and seal, and then make the needed adjustments to the gears (adjustment nut on top) also has shims, you should be able to get it pretty tight.
  19. Mikey, cant show you the goods! Knobs already SOLD, another guy showed me the MONEY based on my description. Good Luck with your search.
  20. Mikey, I have several OEMSm need to dig them out and need toknow the shaft size, threaded or lock screw. But they are $100.00 each. Hard to find OEM's let me know I have a couple of others interested in them
  21. over the head was stock, I have run mine between the head and water pump, looks cleaner
  22. Joe, I bought mine at a local hot rod shop. wrapped from the manifold back to the mufflers on my 47, makes a big differnce
  23. If possible hit them with a little heat from a propane torch, when they are still warm hit them with the PB blaster or what ever you are using. lots of smoke and maybe aflame, but you wont break them
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