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  1. plywoody47


    Do you know the name of this body color?
  2. I have this bracket and MC set in the garage right now. It is not Malarchy. No provision what so ever for clutch pivot point. Looking into what might need to be fabbed to make the clutch L/o work. If any one has experience or good ideas, let me know.
  3. Ok gents, finally getting back to the Woodie, after a 10 yr hiatus. (Twins are off to school) Among many things, I need the spring at the lower (engine side ) of the column shifter. Among the 3 "spare" columns that I've collected over the years, all springs broken in 2. Part no. 112-652 I don't see this part listed among Bernbaum, Mitchell, VPW catalogs that I have on hand. But I'll start making calls tomorrow. Any leads? Thanks, Mike
  4. Valve train is the first one-both valve float and landing speed. Second is mean piston speed (clearly linked to stroke.) Above a certain speed (combined with the reciprocating mass), it becomes difficult to maintian the bearing and wrist pin, least the piston or con-rod attempt to jump ship.
  5. Assume final assembly owner.....got a price from a machine shop today that was out of this world, even in LA. Anyone with recent experience in So Cal? Can't it be done under $3,500?
  6. Just ran across this link from HAMB. Old news or not? http://www.hanksvillehotrods.com/gui/content.asp?w=pages&r=187&pid=207
  7. Posted earlier about a modern (3rd gen) Hmei in a P-15, no one seemed to have any hands on experience wiht it. A few neg posts re: authenticity and street cred. so obviously a 331/354/392 has more street cred. But has it been done with success by anyone here? How much frame mod/firewall mod ,etc are necessary? Assuming of course Tranny cross member swap, new rearend, upgrade brake. Need new steering rack too? Let me hear about your experiences before pulling the trigger.
  8. Anyone out there been there and done that? Got a line on a low mileage 300C drop out (5.7L 340hp). Looks like less $$ and more HP than building 230 or even a big block flatty. Yeah, I know driveline, susp, brakes will need upgrade too. Already got a posi rear in the garage (no charge option.)
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