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  1. I knew that the fronts fenders and rear quarters were different...just was not sure if the doors would interchange. thanks
  2. Will the doors interchange between 1952 to 1954 2 door station wagons ?
  3. don't have a vehicle yet.. could buy anything from say 1949-1954. what ever I can buy right/ when the time comes.
  4. can't say the model year for sure (project planning stage) . So could a guy in a pinch glue in the glass (like modern cars) ? in a non stock build. Also was all the side/rear glass "flat glass" ?
  5. Got a question about how the fixed quarter side panel windows were installed. Were they installed from the outside of the vehicle/ from the inside ? and how were they sealed ? Also is all of the side/tailgate glass " flat glass " ? This is for future project information.
  6. One of the coolest Harleys I ever saw had an industrial Briggs and Stratton ..I loved it, Like you said stir your imaginative juices. That's what I like
  7. Just look him up. The cars a beautiful , He just as well could have use mopars. Hate to break it to you, but there are other car makes in the world (we just know that mopars are the best)
  8. I've seen photos of the stock built Plymouth 2 door woodies before (thanks for sharing that). But my vison comes from the custom wagons that were built by Jim Noteboom (google him) . He built a 47/78 ford phantom Woodie, and also a 53 Buick phantom Woodie. Both were 2 doors. And both only had the wood treatment along the window line and on the tail gate. Ever since seeing those wagons, the idea has never left my mind.
  9. she's been stuck in my head for about 17 years now, and I don't think she's going to leave me alone.
  10. Sorry about the model classes (P22,P23,P24P25 etc) new to these cars, getting info from Standard Catalog of Automobiles . I may be reading it wrong as far as model /series numbers. I do like the idea of the 114" WB, lower hood ,one piece windshield...but do like the bulging rear fenders.....if only there was a way to combine both...that's what I want. In my evil plan that's what I want to create, as a 2 door Tin Woodie, with the above features. I'm sure the guys with stock Plymouths would be offended...but custom cars come from someone's visions and evil ideas.
  11. After some research I found out that the overall body length did not change (much about 1") from 1952 to 1954, but the wheelbase changed from 111" in 1952--to 114" in 1953/54. I thought that the body length also got longer (more interior room). with the wheelbase increase..I guess my thoughts were incorrect.
  12. would have never guessed that...I'm uninformed (62 I might not be able to say to young)
  13. new to this stuff...what are civil defence station indicators / sorry for not knowing this stuff.
  14. My interest is in the 2 door wagon models 1951-1954. Did all of the 2 door wagons 51-54 have the same wheelbase (111"), or was there a wheelbase change in 1953 (114") ? If the wheelbase did change to 114", where in the body was the increase added ?? I got my specs from American Catalog of Standards , might be wrong
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