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  1. OK Don So I don't want to make this an more difficult , which I tend to do, than it is. Since the coil is 12 volt and I am using a 6 volt battery do I need the resistor that is necessary for a 12 volt system? Sometimes I need step by step information. You KNOW me.
  2. Well O' Reilly's where I have an account, could not find anything about the coil, points or condenser. They could only offer a universal coil with no specs. of output voltage. They needed parts number. I remember the old site had part numbers so am I missing therm here? Any help would be appreciated. I am doing this all by phone as I do not have transportation to go the 6 miles to O Reilly's or NAPA. Thanks, Frank
  3. Now that is the Coatney I have learned to respect and enjoy. Thanks for the contact of the new owner of your ride.I think I have been to Mingo. It is near FLY, Ohio Keep in touch,
  4. Thank you to all who responded . I will take all the information under advisement. Even though Coatney didn't say it I can hear him saying "turn the key off". Frank.
  5. I am considering converting to 12 volts. What of the OEM parts do I need to replace? I need to replace all the wiring even if keeping 6 volt.
  6. While attempting to start my P-15 I left the ignition key on while I was charging the battery. Oil spewed from the coil after it became hot . It seemed to produce a spark for ignition after it cooled. But now later I have no spark. If it does not recover what is the source for replacement?
  7. I have 4 of these Plymouth wheel covers a guy wants to buy. I need some opinions on what they are worth? Also any information about what year they were offered by Plymouth. Thanks, Frank
  8. I have a genuine original Fulton Sun Shield that a man wants to buy from me to install on his 1951 Granbrook. I am not sure it will fit because I have never installed it on my P-15. I am wondering if there is any adjustment for fit that can be made.?
  9. Does anyone know this clock ? It does not fit my P-15. Could it be for a D-24 ? . Stamped : The Geo.W. Borg Corp Chicago, USA use only 3 amp fuse Imprinted: APR 46 on the side It measures : Length 4 and 5/16 inches fitting a 4 and 2/16 inch cavity. Width 2 and 7/16 inches fitting a 2 an 5/16 cavity Depth 2 and 8/16 inches needing 2 and 3/16 inches minimum clearance , setting 5/16 inch proud. Sorry no cash reward for knowing. Just the satisfaction knowing you are the smartest guy in the room.
  10. thanks guys dpolo, keith b7 and knuckleberry for the information and warnings. I missed hearing Coatney saying " What crazy thing are you up to know?"
  11. Can a 12 volt battery be used to jump start an engine with a 6 volt system? Can the 12 volt then be disconnected and the engine will operate on the less than 2 volt charge in the 6 volt battery.. Seems to me running the 12 volt battery continuously would cause a fire hazard in the 6 volt system wiring.
  12. Thank you gentlemen and you too Coatney. I thought of dragging the hose around to a shop that would make one. Great Minds.I will try that and Ebay since I do not know of a specific shop. Leave it to Don to have a picture handy even if it is out of date. At least I still have the car. Tomorrow there is a vintage plane fly in and antique car drive in at the Springfield, Ohio airport. Pancakes start at 8 AM. Should be a hoot. Maybe I can get some time in my logbook flying in the barnstorming biplane. Springfield Airpark is sort of famous now for training drone pilots? and civiliian building drones. Keep 'em Flying, Frank.
  13. In the Parts Cross reference list there use to be a NAPA number. This number referenced replacing the flexible line between the hard line comming out of the engine and the hard line going through the fire wall to the oil pressure guage in the dash. I went through the list seveal times, yes Coatney even at 100% maginification , and could find nothing. Did I mis my change to replace this line.? Frank
  14. Rodney you have all the luck getting things done. I hear a lot of us have simple jobs to be done and can't them done or they turn out bad or excessively expensive. You seem to know the right people or know how to charm even the bad ones to get things done. Does that always work on you Mrs.?
  15. I use to let my P-15 battery set unused for 5 months during the Winter until several went bad after only 2 years. Since then I havet a small interior light on or attached a small light to the battery AND attached a trickle charger to the battery. This keeps a flow going through the battery and keeps it healthy for the life of the warranty. Don keeps his battery healthy by driving it more than most of us do. He either has his priorities right or too much time on his hands and needs more honey-do projects.
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