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  1. Excellent! Thanks for all the input here. My first “classic” was a 64 Plymouth as well. Barracuda with push button tranny. . I love all cars but Mopars always seem to fall into my lap
  2. Can anyone tell me the torque for the castle nut on a front axle spindle? Car is a 37’ Plymouth coupe. When I took it off it was nearly hand tight. . Can’t seem to find it anywhere in the manual or the forums.
  3. Not a 38' but close enough.. It's about time I get it out here on the web. My 37' P4 coupe. Same color as your 38 I believe. Stock drive train but engine is a flathead out of a 53'.
  4. Yeah, thanks for posting this. I have a George Asche intake (yet to be installed) on my 37' P4 coupe. There seemed to be some disagreements about intake heating and glad to hear people are doing just fine without some crazy heating mods. I happen to be looking for a set headers. @Semmerling, are you building these headers? I must have missed where they came from.
  5. @nascarjeff63 My 37' P4 was REALLY clunky. I noticed the noise was worse hitting a dip like a pothole than a bump. So I got some new shocks from MOparts. Changed out the front shocks, adjusted brakes and did a chassis lube up front and it was a night and day difference. Still have the rears to do but I ran out of time over the weekend. Not sure if this helps you but maybe someone else. .Cheers
  6. Any status on how the UN2 carb worked out? I'm looking at going this route in the future for a dual intake setup.
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