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  1. I give you a lot of credit out and cutting welding grinding in the current weather patterns.  We did of late get some rain in our area, much needed for sure, but now the trade off for that is muggy due to the humidity increase.   Stick with it, you seem to be whittling it down at a steady pace.  I have alternated my visits under the house on the water upgraded to be every other day.  Got the hot plumbed first then the cold, little resupply then ran out of cold PEX tubing so had to resupply.  Just a bit of work left and it will be done deal.  The new whole house 4 stage filtering is a big improvement and ridding myself of the old iron pipe is a plus.  I had no idea the amount of iron pipe in place as it was buried with short copper stubs to the fixtures.  such is life in a 116 year old farm house.   While not today, I plan to sleeve the new lines with insulation. 

  2. cam to lifter is direct contact and X lift as ground into the cam all relates to the components with no wear....failure to attain the lift is either cupping of the lifter due to wear or eroded metal on the toe of the cam lobe and could/often be a combination of both.  You will need to ensure the lift is correct in order to proceed in your troubleshooting.  

  3. Officer Grandy from the sheriff's office in NC called me today and informed me that Arthur passed away and I do not know any more details at this time.  Their records show where while back I had asked for a welfare check as he dropped off the forum and would not answer his phone thus they called me.    Nothing in the papers at this time that I can find.  I will stay on this a bit and see what I can learn.   Rest in peace knuckleharley.....



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  4. Like your seat cover, somewhere around here I should have about 6 of these covers...they new old stock and only reason I grabbed them was if I should ever need a pattern.  Colors and patterns similar to what you have.  Serious old school stuff.   just commenting, NOTHING FOR SALE here......!

  5. the use of the older limited ampmeter with the use of new (normally high output)  alternator is considered a risk to damage overheat/fire etc and why today they defer to a volt meter.  In the early period of ampmeter and alternators these were changed to shunted (mopar) and sampled the current flow to show discharge and charge only with no true indication of actual current only direction of current flow.   IF your alternator is an output equiv to stock and staying positive ground....should stay as is.    Exceeding the capacity of your amp gauge is not considered wise.

  6. Not seen these either for a Dodge, they such good looking trucks it was easily recognizable and they did not need the maker name every corner and angle of the vehicle...😄  But will admit was over 40 years ago I last built a Dodge truck.  I have a 41 International Harvester that would be good to find so IH plates...


    As an idea, you can get the brand X, mill the lettering off and draw out and cut RAM heads to put in its place.....because it is not out there, you can 1, create a market, 2, be totally and distinctively different.  


    looking to see some creativity here...!!!!

  7. Greg, like the pic-I-nik paraphernalia, is your water jug by chance crockery lined?    I have an old Alladin that is as such with aluminum cap and cup and they are very hard to come by these days in serviceable condition.   Probably have fully 4 outfitted picnic baskets but just the one water jug.  Photo lifted from e-bay but just what I have 

    alladin crockery watery jug.webp

  8. last couple particles that ended up in my eyes came from my hair and since have been more alert to wearing a beanie cap to prevent some of this and trying to remember to lower my head and remove the cap and whisk my hair free of likely particles.  Most uncomfortable for sure to have trash in your eye.  I have been dragging my feet going under the house to get onto the new water pipe installation.  Going over the drawing I made I am lacking a couple small items (running change) but nothing to really hold me back at this time.  

  9. yesterday's cars as that of today were engineered to perform with peak torque at lowest RPM to sustain said torque associated with the gearing to drive the vehicle of X weight over X road conditions at the time.....as roads and technology improved, the number have gone down needed to perform.   OD cars are geared to travel the posted highway speed at 200 RPM below peak torque with the 200 RPM in reserve to crest overpasses and slight rises in the highway without need to kick down to a lower ratio.  Mopeds today are as fast and capable of top end speeds most drive these hulks today shy totally against sustaining.  Any speeds above the selected gears to match peak torque will require RPM...sometimes a substantial RPM increase....don't forget weight in the equation.


    A well maintained and tuned vintage car while cannot achieve many levels of performance of today's modern car, they can still be driven with regard to their limit safely and at speeds not to impede flow of traffic.   If you choose not to drive at posted speeds, then utilize secondary highway and enjoy the scenery and the joy of driving.

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  10. while the old mopar brakes when in top shape are some of the best there was AT THE TIME....technology marches forward and better safer systems come along even if morphing at a slow rate.  Is it good that your mechanic could learn from this....yes....would I still trust him...likely not.  The bold statement of no means to adjust means he did not truly study the design staring him in the face, zero access to older manual, no internet, no desire to be proactive and learn.  He could well have read many articles in shorter time than for anyone depending on a forum member to respond....sorry I just don't support shops that are not only inept to repair but not keen it seems to seek out any knowledge on their own.  His non-adjustable comment is a total deal breaker.

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  11. the above gives some means to check the brakes for contact patch, but the real problems seems to be your mechanic does not understand this particular braking system, not sure I would put much trust in his abilities and when you are driving, your very safety is at risk as is others sharing the highway.  While you can get a lot of information here, workmanship is still 'key' to a successful brake repair.

  12. Charlie was trying to sell the business at one time and slip a bit closer to enjoying some "ME" time but as with majority of all folks today, life seems to always get in the way....and yes at one time at the height of Covid I think his suppliers wee drying up due to work force issues and straining the supply chain....seems this has all been resolved for NOW....who know the what and when of the next world crisis.  

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  13. 1 hour ago, Merle Coggins said:

    I just performed the test on my truck. I got 4 oz. After 15 pump pulses. It would be a little low based on Ed’s spec., but it’ll hold 4.5 psi on a pressure test. So I’ll use this as a guideline too. 

    if it is as hot there as it is here, I would suspect it is evaporating faster than you can pump it....🌞

  14. We were in the low probability of effects directly from the storm but we got some significant rain showers and one thunderstorm past couple days.  Clear for now and like Los, will soon be firing up the mower.  Likely after the granddaughters b-day party tomorrow evening given it rain no more....I will not turn down rain, I will pass on high winds every time.   The heat was rough on the garden, mums did make a small cook off of dill pickles and I have slicing tomatoes for now.

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  15. Wonder if anyone in our community was in the path of Beryl.  Seems lots of folks without power and as always with a hurricane, property damage to contend with.  Just hoping no one in the family was injured and can get by in the oppressing heat that is also an added stressor.  

  16. We finally got a bit of rain after a very long dry spell, my yard was totally stressing in the heat.  The garden I would water but even at that, the heat would take its toll and cook the plants during the day.  I also did some trenching for installing new water lines in the same heat....like you early morning was the better hours and well, still are for working as I continue the task of a total replumb of the house.    If no more rains today, then tomorrow will be mowing the lawn.  


    Stickwith it, you making progress now.  I do not think I will be doing any welding anytime soon with what I have slated to do before hosting a family gathering.  Then I may start a bit of metal work on the Bugeye Sprite.  

  17. not enough info.....what failed in the pump that left you high and dry.....Murphy is omnipresent seems more at play here....could be you just fixed a suction leak hose/fitting when replacing and the pump is still a valid item.

  18. I think he is confused that he is the Pull-ee  and the mount flange is what you need the puller for....and the fanbelt pulley is not in the picture here at this point.  Personally I have found that the pulley flange is best removed and replaced with a bearing block on the hydraulic or large arbor press...

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