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  1. In a day or so I will up load pics to show you what I have But on this 47 - P15 all 4 nuts 2 on each side are 3 eared castle / crown nuts so that there can be a cotter pin used. The pin on all four, 2 upper and 2 lower are a very odd size they are like 23/32 dia. x 11 tpi. I will email that supplier and let you know.
  2. Thanks Bob I will continue my search for the crown nuts.
  3. That makes since! Do you have a recommendation of where to purchase a front end Kit? I am not to proud to send it back to them if I can find something better. What about Andy Bernbaum any better?
  4. Thanks for your response. Yes I am able to reuse 3 out of the 4 but I have 1 that is just looks too weak to reuse. I got this front end kit from KANTER and did not receive any new ones. I also did not like this kit because the new lower control bushings did not fit and the Lower and upper pins are not set up for the use of cotter pins. Do you have any suggestions? I will be calling KANTER next week.
  5. I have rebuilt the front end of my 1947 Plymouth Sedan. But I need to replace the upper and Lower Control arms crown nuts items 17& 60. Thay are such an odd size thatand thread I have not been able to find any. Does anyone know where to buy them?
  6. I am trying to restore my 1947 Special Deluxe 4 door sedan back to original/show room condition and I need help with the brake/gas lines. Due to circumstances beyond my control I do not have any of the original lines for either system to use as a pattern or to send to "Inline Tube" for reproduction. Does anyone have a complete set of pictures that shows these lines? If I remember correctly some of the lines had spring wrap. I know that 46-48 were the same but are there other years that might be included in this? Thanks Greg
  7. I have searched the achive and have not found anything. Does anyone have a Paint code for the Straw color used for the wheel rims pin strips? I am repainting them and I would like to try to match to the original as close as possible.
  8. Thanks I will give him another try.
  9. I have looked at old Threads and found where Dave Kruse at (Metal Rubber Corp) had made the replacements in the past but when I tried to email him at the address listed but it was rejected. I have a 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 door sedan and need to replace the rubber sway bar bushings. Some are missing and the rest is torn. Does anyone know where I can purchase them?
  10. I am on Generator power here in North Alabama so just thought I would drop a Line. Survived the Tornados no damage just no power, no gas and no food but Obama is on the job. Everyone is safe. Hopefully picture later.
  11. Thanks everyone for your advice, I will be getting one soon. TodFitch I am shocked that you of all people do not have one of the rare and exotic “Frame Manifold” LOL. The rust removal by electrolysis method I hear works well. Correct me if I am wrong but you use a 10 amp 12 volt DC battery charger connect the Positive lead to the part, the negative lead to a piece of steel. Place in water and the rust is removed. Do you add baking soda to the water? On avarage how long do you leave ir running?
  12. I am doing a frame off restoration on my 47 Special Deluxe 4 door sedan. Has anyone had experience with one of the Pressurized Abrasive Blaster, like you by at Harbor Freight? I have had my body, doors and other Items Soda Blasted but it does not remove the rust. I paid someone to Blast my Frame Manifolds and rear end but really would like to do small sections at a time sort of blast and repair then blast some more. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Thanks for the info. I will go by and see a professional welder tomorrow.
  14. Thanks for the info. Got the inner and outer seals removed. But I have not been able to get the Bearing off the axle. The bearing and the race are in great shape so I do not want to replace them. Do I need to pack the bearing before I reinstall it or can I just fill the cavity.
  15. I am going through and would like to change the bearingss and seals in the rearend of a 1947 4 door sedan. this is the original rear end and as far as I know they have never been changed. What tool do you guys use to remove the inner seal? how do you remove the Bearing from the axle? do you have to use a shop press What tool do you use to reinstall the inner seal?
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