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  1. It doesn't matter if your car is a positive ground, if you put the red (+) lead of your meter to the (+) terminal of the battery and the (-) lead of your meter to the (-) terminal of the battery, you should read +6.25 volts. 6.25 volts is a reading of a good battery. Leave your test leads connected, start the engine and move the carb linkage to off-idle at about 1500 RPM and your meter should read about 7.10 volts +/- if your generator is charging the battery and the voltage regulator is set up correctly. The amp meter in the dash should be on the + side of zero at this hi
  2. Rhode Island Wiring and others have this wire you are looking for and also make wiring looms for our Mopars. Check them out on the internet.
  3. Also you might want to check with Vintage Power Wagons.
  4. I ripped this photo from a video on YouTube - 1958 Dodge D100 Sweptside. A Fargo may be different.
  5. Cruise control bugs me, too. I hate going "XX", +/- 0.001 MPH. It is an unnatural feeling. Plus, I don't care what "they" say, it uses more fuel. I like using the throttle to lose 3-4 MPH going up a slight grade and gaining 3-4 MPH going down the other side.
  6. I, too, am sorry to hear that you are selling your Dodge. Enjoyed the posts on it, too. I hope it turns out to be the right decision.
  7. Dodge Central of Michigan list one that fits '48 through '53. So, maybe the '54 & early '55 mirror only fits that model. ????
  8. If you are using a PC (Windows operating system), you can reduce the size of your photos in Paint.
  9. Wish you would send some of that cooler weather this way. We are still roasting !!!
  10. I guess I agree with Larry. The stem needs to be a bit taller.
  11. Is this for an Austin-Healey, MG, Triumph or ????
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