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  1. I have not posted in a looooong time but saw this on Craigslist and could not resist sharing. I wish I had the space. http://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/3611716200.html
  2. Is there a prize for first to take a header down a flight of ice covered stairs? If so, PM me for address information.
  3. What a beast. I might have a chance at adding a smaller wrecker to the collection but not something that big.
  4. The burgundy does not look two-toney in these pics ... or is it just me?
  5. Here's some info on a did a big window swap on a later truck. Obviously not the same thing but similar idea. http://www.dodgeclassictrucks.com/bigwindowswap.html
  6. Decent general information... http://www.auto-repair-help.com/automotive_maintenance/master_cylinder.php
  7. Looks like friends in the North East may be the ones to see the first heavy snows. http://blogs.burlingtonfreepress.com/weather/2010/10/14/ugly-vermont-noreaster-weather-friday/
  8. The registration on that truck should say "transferrable" on the front with a place for the previous owner to sign on the back. That and a receipt for tax at DMV should get you on the road. The affadavit that on yellow paper is the one I think greg is referrring to. There is an buyer side and seller side to that one. Not a big deal unless you cannot locate the seller. I am not sure that this one is always needed when fair market value is not an issue. There is also an affadavit that is reserved for vehicles where the chain of ownership is in question. I had to do that with a 67 Mustang that was never registered in the name of the person who sold it to me. Not a biggie. Also, the engine number is fine. If that is the way it is on the road now, go with it. I have had clerks get all confused because the number of characters does not fill the fields they have in the computers. Telling them that they did not have that many characters in the vins in the 50s seems to calm them. Again, no issues once they see how old the vehicle is. Allen
  9. That's only about an hour from the camper in Springwater. Only trick is that I'll be to-ing and fro-ing to Rochester for the boy's football game and have to get back for trick-or-treating with the rest of the family. What time you think you'll be there? What are you bringing to the show?
  10. I'll have to take a look in the driveway but I think he stole my parking brake.
  11. I have found that the gap is very touchy on these engines. Get it right and things are great. A little off and not so much as a burp. I also had an issue with the little ground strap in the distributor. Took a while for a novice like me to track it there. Most of the time she did not go because I had the rotor in my pocket where it would be "nice and safe" Only other advice before getting in to trickier things is that the wires are all seated properly in the right firing order. Those two things have bitten more folks than just me.
  12. Just checked the Inline website and they don't have anything older than 1954 in their pull down menu for Dodge trucks. I was thinking of converting to discs over the winter and sending these guys my lines if they did not have any templates. I have a B2C-116. Allen
  13. Welcome home. Welcome to the forum. Tons of resources here and the main reason I purchased my truck. This is a fantastic group of people much more smarterer than me when it comes to mechanicing. Looks like you have a better start than some of us who have been at it for some time.
  14. That would be pretty high on my "If I won the lottery" list. Wonder what the reserve is...
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