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  1. Your steering u joints look to be Sweet brand. Buy some Borgeson or Flaming River u joints. The Sweet brand is for racing only-it states that right on their website. Otherwise, looking good!
  2. A 1938 Plymouth is either a P5 (Roadking) or a P6 (Deluxe).
  3. Most belts these days are not made in the US. The quality has went downhill. You said that you run the belt loose. When run loose, they slip and will wear out a lot faster. They have to be fairly tight. I'll try to find you a good belt. PM me for info. Myron
  4. What section of the parts book are the paint codes listed. I have an original 1938 Plymouth Parts Book USA.
  5. Where does a person purchase stuff, like good ignition points, spark plugs and a carburetor kit for a 37 Plymouth. I have a friend that has a 37 Plymouth that has been sitting for over 25 years. It supposedly ran when he parked it. We are going to try to get it running if possible. Thanks! Myron
  6. They sure need a good lesson on the proper way to break in a new cam or a new engine, after several failed attempts. I bet the engine builder they use, is wondering why they are so stupid and can't get it right.
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