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  1. I have made a DVD of the original filmstrips and the original records for "The One For 41" -"Plymouth VS Ford" and "Commercial" overall, the filmstrip and records make a "movie" a bit over 38 minutes long. A fun watch. Not sure about posting it on YouTube though.
  2. Cold Blue. From your photos, it looks as if you are missing the "tone" knobs that mount behind the knobs currently on. If you need these let me know. There is a side specific one for both your tuning and volume posts.
  3. Nothing can worse than the Pennsylvania DMV, nothing. Living in a "Commonwealth" is a disaster. Or, should it be named an "Uncommonly Wealthy". Good luck!
  4. I have been waiting to hear from the Adminstrator as to if this add would be "legal" to post here for over 10 days, without a reply, so here goes. Kindly delete if it is not in accordance to the laws. I have a nice trunk lid/deck lid for an early Chrysler sedan not sure exactly what year/years it fits that needs to go.... FREE! Just needs to be out of my way. Having to move the blessed thing one more time, and it will be off to the recycle center. It is dent and rust free. Not junk! If this add is left up, I will take and add photos. The lid is located in S.W. Pennsylvania, about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. Thank you.
  5. Cool looking fan. BUT! who needs it when the speedometer reads you are traveling at 100 MPH !!!
  6. What a fantastic looking original! What is wrong with the original steering wheel? Sorry, but no answer to your original question.
  7. This is just brilliant! I FULLY understand this guys situation!
  8. There was never a seal there... Barely a seal on the hinge side of doors that was held in place, on the body by a thin piece of tin and a couple of sheet metal screws.
  9. Well, well! Thank you, Plymouthy for your expertise! I will look into those.
  10. Well, I did come up with an old photo, but, it really was not taken to highlight the mirror and mounting area. Sorry. I will attach it with a little luck anyway. You may be able to see the wing window assy. and the one screw that is in place. Again, not a great photo but all I seem to have.
  11. Hummm. I will have to look in some old photo files to see if I have a photo or not. Thanks for your reply. I will post if I find one!
  12. My inquiry is where in the world does a person find new or replacement outside mirrors for 39,40, or 41 Plymouth convertibles? The wind wings are mounted to the door with two large slotted screws and these mirrors I am looking to find are mounted in place of one of those screws. I have seen them on cars before, but never for sale. Did Jay Fisher ever make these? Thank you.
  13. Maybe if CL demanded personal banking information, like the Bay, posting and deleting attitudes would change.
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