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  1. This was a special appearance for the Executive Sweet, which has flown into Sedona five times, previ­ously, during Sedona Airport Day. This year is the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the B-25J model earned fame as the bomber used in the Doolittle Raid, the mission to bomb Tokyo four months after the Pearl Harbor attack. Executive Sweet is the same model, but this particular plane flew stateside missions during the war. Al Comello, the local liaison for the B-25J visit, also said this year would likely be Executive Sweet’s last appearance in Sedona. The Camarillo, Cali
  2. Originally, the spare tire was just "out there". No cover what-so-ever. That is if we are talking about both two and four door sedans.
  3. Just keep in mind that this is for ONLY the MAT. This will not covet the rear wheel arches and is not the correct fabric pattern, if that makes any difference to you.
  4. Hoarding? No... Far from it. With a half a dozen P-15 clocks over 33+ years, that is only coming across finding one every five or six years! Many foot miles, and far to many traveling miles to consider this a hoard. If someone is truly interested I might consider a sale. Till then they are badges from YEARS of hunting. Clocks of many styles automotive and otherwise have always attracted me. The way they were made during the time they were made is perplexing to me. History is of a time, and clocks are a time in history.
  5. I started collecting old MoPar clocks over 30 years ago. They were not common back then nor cheap if I recall either. I also used the excuse that "When I retire, I will work on these clocks!". Well, now retired and it seems busier than I EVER was! Still have not found the "time" to check them out! LOL!!!
  6. Interesting! Did the light turn on with the ignition? Or is/was there a manual switch?
  7. My thoughts are it never came from the factory with the light option. I have seen repops, but the ones I have come across are solid plastic, not hollow.
  8. Hands down. Steele Rubber Products.
  9. Sent info about having a set to you 5 or 6 weeks ago. No reply. I will be tucking them away again I suppose. Trust you found them.
  10. I wish you the BEST in your fires. Hot Shots and 559 firefighters have things ALMOST under control here in Sedona. 80K acres lost but no loss of life, and only a VERY few homes. These folks are my heroes!
  11. Here in the high desert we expect the heat, and the temps to be over 100. BUT, the added bonus being surrounded by fires is unnerving? I have to extend my hand to the 663 Fire Fighters that are risking everything for us here in Sedona and surrounding communities!!! Without them we would surely be up the creek without a paddle. 18 months without rain has made this area a tinderbox. With over 7 million visitors every year mistakes by not using their heads happens, often. This particular fire is from lightening though. Yup, lightening! So, there must have been rain then I hear someone ask? Actual
  12. Gee! I was able to come up with the photos quicker than I thought! Here you go. Hope this helps even a little.
  13. Hello Dave. Good to hear that there is another Plymouth in your collection! As far as that button goes, here is my two cents worth. I feel that you are dealing with a button that was never going to work well in the first place. In other words, if it worked at all it was there only cosmetically. The good thing I see is that you DO have the correct chromed bezel on the door. These mechanisms can still be found, but sometimes the bezel is not with the assembly. So you are a step ahead of the game. I will try to go back through some archived photos I took of mine and attach them to this
  14. I may have one. Give me a bit of time to scower though some old boxes.
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