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  1. Many years ago I was a member of the P.O.C. (Plymouth Owners Club). They used to compile a "Roster" of all members and their cars. Mind you, this was back in the 80's when things like this were printed (like Phone Books). It would have given you a good idea as to how many were in each State from folks who were members anyway.
  2. Sorry, they sold quite a while ago. I only have a "bare" one, not sure of the side. No badge.
  3. Thanks so much. Now I really have no clue as to how I acquired them! I have no idea about the pot metal grill piece either, and it is not giving me any clues as far as a part number goes. Appreciate your time and effort.
  4. Never did, but I believe that my Uncle had a coupe somewhere around those years. Is it for a 50 Plymouth? Thank you.
  5. I know that all, well, most people in this hobby buy things thinking that at some point, they would use the item. Well, I must have done that SOMETIME, but can not remember what car this part is for? Obviously, I will not be using the set/pair so maybe someone else could? Anyway, if somebody happens to know what these are, I would appreciate hearing from you. The MoPar part numbers on them are 1333980 and 1333979. My parts books do not go that high in numbers.Thanks in advance.
  6. Never met the man, but he certainly did know old Plymouths. He will be missed. Wishing Peace to his family.
  7. Maybe it is because I ate too much turkey yesterday, or some other strange reason but I have a question to set out to those who dare to take the opinion challenge! I have an old Gilbarco gas pump (1950's? Early 60's?). It is badged with an older, but probably reproduction glass globe and porcelain Texaco Brand plaque. Looks to me as if it has been repainted, red again at some point a few decades ago so the vintage look is for sure there. This unit looks to have ALL the "guts" inside of it, just like it would have had when it was actually being used. My question is, am I CRAZY for removing any or all of this super heavy parts that are hidden behind the pumps outer panel? I know it would make life a lot easier to move this item once all of these or most of these parts are removed, but, I don't ever want to hear "ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU THROUGH ALL THOSE PARTS AWAY!!!" I will NEVER be using this pump for anything other than display, and I am not really interested in selling it anytime soon but I do not want to do anything that I may regret in the future. On the other hand, if the internals are basically worthless I do not want to keep them around either! Asking for your thoughts before I continue. Thanks in advance for your input!
  8. I have made a DVD of the original filmstrips and the original records for "The One For 41" -"Plymouth VS Ford" and "Commercial" overall, the filmstrip and records make a "movie" a bit over 38 minutes long. A fun watch. Not sure about posting it on YouTube though.
  9. Cold Blue. From your photos, it looks as if you are missing the "tone" knobs that mount behind the knobs currently on. If you need these let me know. There is a side specific one for both your tuning and volume posts.
  10. Nothing can worse than the Pennsylvania DMV, nothing. Living in a "Commonwealth" is a disaster. Or, should it be named an "Uncommonly Wealthy". Good luck!
  11. I have been waiting to hear from the Adminstrator as to if this add would be "legal" to post here for over 10 days, without a reply, so here goes. Kindly delete if it is not in accordance to the laws. I have a nice trunk lid/deck lid for an early Chrysler sedan not sure exactly what year/years it fits that needs to go.... FREE! Just needs to be out of my way. Having to move the blessed thing one more time, and it will be off to the recycle center. It is dent and rust free. Not junk! If this add is left up, I will take and add photos. The lid is located in S.W. Pennsylvania, about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. Thank you.
  12. Cool looking fan. BUT! who needs it when the speedometer reads you are traveling at 100 MPH !!!
  13. What a fantastic looking original! What is wrong with the original steering wheel? Sorry, but no answer to your original question.
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