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  1. Because they ARE side specific, the unit made for the drivers door would also fit on the passenger side REAR door of a four door Sedan. It would not fit the front passenger front, nor the drivers side rear of a four door.
  2. I found myself engulfed in looking into my archives of old MoPar literature today. Came across this internal memo sent to Dealerships and thought I would share it. With a bit of luck the opening note can be read... It was printed on yellow paper with brown ink! I would be thrilled to find any of the mentioned items under my tree this year! Enjoy.
  3. Where should I send the three? Best hurry, too much longer in the fridge and I will consume them! Thanks for your reply and yes, to give up the 6 pack I would have needed an opinion reversing my previous post.
  4. Settling an argument! I say, that fender skirts that are made to fit the rear fenders of a 1940 (or) 1941 Desoto will NOT fit the same year Plymouth! Can anyone shed an answer to prove me either right, or wrong? I have a six-pack riding on this!!! Thank you!
  5. Well well, I actually did it! To celebrate, here is a bit of other information.
  6. Well, I am not too savvy with uploads and downloads, but with a little luck I MAY be able to attach a few photos to this post and someone can put them where they belong. Here goes nothing!
  7. They are original, 1942 Plymouth skirts. They will "fit" 40/41 Plymouths, but they look "off" when installed. BTW, I have the original MoPar literature on these from 1942 if you need to see for yourself.
  8. I believe it is still back in Pennsylvania. I will not be back that way till Spring. Good to see that you are not far from me in Phoenix! If you ever take the 2 hour trip North to Sedona, drop me a line!
  9. After 24 hours of having my old cars moved here, the fuel and temp gauges BOTH stopped working on my 70 Roadrunner! True story! The two 41's seemed to be immune ! Maybe the vortexes are working only on negative ground!
  10. Welcome, Clifford. From your profile, I see that you are from AZ. as I am as well. I own several original P-12's and have many extra items over the past 30 years of owning them. If you are ever visiting the Sedona area I would be happy meet to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. Good luck with your new ride!
  11. Hello folks. Looking for the original Oil Bath Air Cleaner Mounting Brace. This is the brace that bolts to the engine head, and goes up onto the side of the oil bath air cleaner and is held there by a bolt. I need one for a 1941 Plymouth, but I believe it is the same as the 1940 production year as well. Picture of one below. Thank you.
  12. Sent P.M. check your message folder please.

  13. Well, look at that! My tired old eyes could not see that it actually is a Borg clock till I saw the photos posted!
  14. With Summertime in full swing, and no travel plans in site I have been going through some old boxes of "junk" I have collected over many years. It is kinda like Christmas in July sometimes! Anyhow, I came across this strange dash or possibly glove box door clock. I say it may be a glove box door clock because it has two bulbs (see photo). One obviously for the face, and the other mounts externally to light somewhere else. I may of known what this was from/for one day but totally has me puzzled at this point! Heck, I do not even know if it is MoPar or not! Absolutely no stampings on the reverse
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