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  1. Sorry. I've been working long hours. Haven't been on here in a while. I'll try to get some pics in the next few days.
  2. Sorry to be late to the game. I haven't logged-in, in quite some time. I fabricated my own brackets and have a bone yard Cavalier rack and pinion in there. I had the original steering arms to begin with, but found a guy that made a custom set that was shortened, so those are in there now. They made a huge difference in turning radius. I used the inner tie rods from the cavalier, and then cut the original tie rods from the Plymouth, using original style replacement outer tie rod ends. I tapped the original tie rod, that I'd cut, to match the metric thread adjuster on the Cavalier. Works well. I had a 318 Magnum with Saginaw pump, which was too much for the Cavalier rack. I installed a flow reducer fitting in the pump and it feels great, not really sensitive at all.
  3. First car I bought was a 72 Challenger Ralleye 340, then 10 years old, for a nod-nod, wink-wink $100 (actually did some work for my aunt and she put $100 on the title, for tax purposes, but really gave it to me). Here's the rest I've had, unless I forget one: 79 Stepside - Warlock 85 Shelby Charger 85 Minivan 90 Minivan 93 Dakota 80-something Colt turbo, but that was really a Bitsu 99 Ram 2WD 63 Dart - 360 Current: 2003 4WD RAM - Hemi 2010 Charger R/T - wife's car My Plymouth has a 98 318 Magnum....if that counts
  4. Here are mine. 70 something Mopar steelies, painted, ribbed trim rings, baby moons.
  5. GaryPrice

    New Wheel?

    If you're interested, I have (5) 15" rims that still have the center clips, all in great shape. I also have (4) excellent full wheel covers that are in excellent shape. They're just gathering dust in the garage. They came off my P15.
  6. Telecom Equipment/Network Engineer, 25 years.
  7. Where was the swap meet? I was in Nashville this weekend. Had I known, I would have dropped the wife off at Opry MIlls yesterday and came down, instead of sitting on a bench in the mall for two and a half hours.
  8. I used the Newport wiper kit also. Good fit. I forget the name of the distributor, but, I actually bought mine on-line for $15-$20 less than Newport direct was...last year. Probably on your own to fab up something on the brake/clutch. I bought an under floor pedal, booster, and m/c combo off eBay really cheap, but had to modify the floor just a bit, but, I'm running an automatic, so clutch is nixed. I like the MP3 idea above. I've been trying to figure out what to do on mine. I put a heat/air/def kit on it, and it already takes up half my glove box space. Going to have to make a new glove box.
  9. Looks like ol' Ma Mopar made it that way. Great job!
  10. Robert, I've been up to the Fly-In Cruise-In about every year. My dad and I always look forward to it, along with a few of our friends. Do you usually go? We saw, today, that it'd been cancelled for this year. Have some of the classic birds cancel? Heard any real reason why?
  11. I bought a new 318 Magnum long block a couple of years ago, and put in my P15 last year. It had a leak coming from around the RMS area from the get go. It got a bit worse as time progressed. I've now replaced it twice and it leaks worse than ever now. My other thought is that it might be coming from the oil gallery or cam plug? I've kind of ruled out the oil gallery plugs because it's leaking staight down below the rear seal, and I can get my hand up under sides of the block and it's dry as a bone. So, my question is, if it's the cam plug, would it leak straight down around the rear main? From the beginning, there's been zero oil on the flex plate or torque convertor. I would think if it's the cam plug there would be some oil puddled back in the bell housing and on the flex plate and torque convertor woudln't there? I would just pull the tranny loose and check it out, but, I've got other reasons I can't do that right now.
  12. But, it's been in the 20's at night. Maybe it'll kill that Bradford pear tree I hate so much!. I was supposed to go cruising with my Pop today, he's got a '48 Ford pickup, but need to attend a funeral of my wife's distant relative instead. Unfortunately, cars aren't the only thing getting older. Guy was in the Navy in WWII. He lied about his age and enlisted at 15. WWII vets are disappearing every day. He had some interesting stories. To all those (WWII to IRAQ adn Afghanistan) that have served to protect our freedom and liberty, A BIG THANKS!
  13. Glad to hear things are looking up.
  14. early for a HEMI? It looks like a 53?
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