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    My name is Darin. I am the proud owner of a '47 Plymouth Special Deluxe Club Coupe
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    1940-50's music, lifestyle, culture and cars. Also, swing dancing.

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  1. No, Dodge....we have have an issue here that needs to be resolved. The problem has been that people don't want to solve it, so it's brushed under the carpet and and ignored.
  2. No, Don....see that's the whole problem. You may be the one having fun, but not everybody is enjoying it.
  3. Tell me Tim, do you, and have you abide to everything that's mentioned in those rules, yourself? Think hard on this one before you answer it.
  4. Saw it, but needs to be laid out in a better, more readable format.
  5. In response to TodFitch "Perhaps GTK ought to formalize the rules and list them where they are easy to find. In the meantime here is what I go by:" Fomulize is right! How about putting them in layman's terms to start. "1. Keep it civil. I've just deleted a number of posts from this thread that weren't, in my opinion, civil." When you delete posts of those who are "uncivil," be sure you remove ALL the uncivil posts, not just the ones "you feel" are uncivil, which I have been seeing happen on here lately. Being unfair and bias towards some members to all is not a sign of good moderati
  6. I can't even delete my own posts, so that has been changed. The whole site has become a big letdown. BTW...where are there rules and guidelines posted?
  7. Nah, I wanted it to be a little more extensive than that. I was hoping that I could just make myself and my posts illusive to them as well as them being illusive to me. It works that way in Facebook....I thought it would be the same here. Darn!
  8. Yeah, but that's always been the irony of this site. Certain people are allowed to be condescending and rude to others, yet nothing is said to them, but if you retaliate in the same manner, others come down on you about being mean, not nice and rude or you have your response removed while theirs stays up. So it's really not the nature of the beast, it's the way the site is run, or there lack of. It's catch 22 no matter how you look at it, I guess. If the guys who run the site are going to be bias and one-sided, then I guess it's out of my control.
  9. Um....that people become ******* as they age? I don't know. You tell me.
  10. No, that's not the dilemma . The problem is posting a thread and then having certain jerks make snarky, condescending, belittling remarks that I really don't care to see. If I could post a thread and avoid them all together then this site would be a little more enjoyable like it used to be.
  11. Seriously? Man, there used to be a blocking option on here, which I should have taken advantage of at the time. I've also notice that you can't delete threads that you previously posted, either.
  12. Can someone tell me the procedure on how to go about blocking certain members on this site from communicating with you and seeing your posts. There used to be a way to do it on here, but I don't see that option anymore. Send me a private message because this thread seems to keep getting removed.
  13. I knew a while back that there was away to block members on here so that you don't see them and they don't see you. Can't seem to find that option now. Is it still offered on here?
  14. Yeah, that makes sense. That's why I wanted to find out for sure. Thanks for the clarification on that.
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