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  1. No, Dodge....we have have an issue here that needs to be resolved. The problem has been that people don't want to solve it, so it's brushed under the carpet and and ignored.
  2. No, Don....see that's the whole problem. You may be the one having fun, but not everybody is enjoying it.
  3. Tell me Tim, do you, and have you abide to everything that's mentioned in those rules, yourself? Think hard on this one before you answer it.
  4. Saw it, but needs to be laid out in a better, more readable format.
  5. In response to TodFitch "Perhaps GTK ought to formalize the rules and list them where they are easy to find. In the meantime here is what I go by:" Fomulize is right! How about putting them in layman's terms to start. "1. Keep it civil. I've just deleted a number of posts from this thread that weren't, in my opinion, civil." When you delete posts of those who are "uncivil," be sure you remove ALL the uncivil posts, not just the ones "you feel" are uncivil, which I have been seeing happen on here lately. Being unfair and bias towards some members to all is not a sign of good moderation. "2. GTK has specifically stated that items wanted to buy or sell must be in the classifieds. His direction to the moderators is that a newbie will have the offending thread locked and a PM sent to him explaining why. For non-newbies (which I interpret as someone with 1,000 or more posts), the thread is to be summarily deleted with no explanation as they should know better." Understood, but I still feel that, newbie or not, an explaination on why a moderator or administrator deletes or locked a threas needs to be adressed to the original poster. If you can take the time to decide that it doesn't belong in the forum, then you can take the time to explain why. This way the poster doesn't feel that it was removed out of spite. I'm still trying to figure out why you locked my "what is this part called" thread. There was nothing want ad. Seems to me that you were probably sore because you had no legit reason to move it into a the ignition switch thread when I called you on it. I administer two other sites, and I always contact the poster if there is an issue with his or her post. If I have to delete it, I let them know why. Again, it's a matter or good, and fair, moderation skills. "3. If a thread is even loosely related to a vintage Mopar car, I will usually leave it in the car forum. Non-mopar, non-vintage, non-automotive and I'll move it to off topic. I try to keep my fingers off the posts in the truck forum and let their moderator do his thing." Well, there seem to be a few off topic posts that you haven't been moving your finger on too well in the regular forum. Is that an oversight or are you just being selective on who's post you will move? I will express again that their isn't fair moderation being exercised in this site. "More generally, I gloss over most of the above unless it is really egregious or some forum member reports a post or thread they feel is problematic." It seems lately you have been getting pretty overly-anal with my posts and comments. So, any member can flag a thread that they feel is "problematic" and you will remove the thread without finding out their reason for reporting it? That seems to be the way things are happening around here. "In the case of some recent threads, including this one, there were multiple members flagging posts." Gee, I wonder who those members could have been "When a member flags something I will specifically look at it. Often, but not always, there is something that I think needs attention. There are lots of times when I decide that the post in question is not quite over the line and leave it be." Except for mine "In recent times I try to get back to the member who flagged it and explain why I am not taking action." Except if they are in your realm of buddies on here. Correct? "Basically, we are relying on members being reasonable adults. Most of the time it works out okay with that assumption." Reeeeeeally? So, what is your definition of "reasonable?' For years now there has been a certain individual on here with an overinflated superiority attitude who has been allowed to put other members down with mean-spirited, snarky, uncalled for responses in posts, and even though he's been reported by numerous members over the years, including me, he has still been allowed to get away with it. I've even gone to the administrator about him some years back, but again, nothing was done. Not even a response back from the administrator. Some former members have even left this site because of this individual. On my sites, if I have an member who behave as this member does on here, I would first give him a warning, and if it happens again, he's gone! I don't put up with that on my sites, nor will I put up with it as a member on this, as I have already made known. So, I ask, why is this individual allowed to get away with what he does on here? Why do you overlook his "uncivil" behavior, yet you have no problem when it comes warning others who may be acting too uncivil? All I'm seeing here is a double standard. Either the rules apply to all or to nobody. "GTK (P15-D24 in the member list) is the ultimate arbiter on this site and if the moderation of the site does not meet your expectations, please bring it up with him." Oh, I have already brought situations up with him. The only problem, as mentioned earlier, is that he doesn't respond back. Go figure. As far as my expections, as well as I'm sure of those of others on here, is that this site needs to be run with more fairness and less bias. Those who decide that they are going to be rude and mean-spirited to other members only to get a chuckle and help build up their self-proclaimed supieriority need to be shown the door, regardless of what an asset their knowledge may be to the site. There are some of us on here that don't find their sense of humor, or there lack of, very amusing. If someone has a problem with someone here, then they need to keep their comments to themselves and ignore that person (which I need to practice more of myself). As far as moderators go, either do the job right or turn it over to someone who can.
  6. I can't even delete my own posts, so that has been changed. The whole site has become a big letdown. BTW...where are there rules and guidelines posted?
  7. Nah, I wanted it to be a little more extensive than that. I was hoping that I could just make myself and my posts illusive to them as well as them being illusive to me. It works that way in Facebook....I thought it would be the same here. Darn!
  8. Yeah, but that's always been the irony of this site. Certain people are allowed to be condescending and rude to others, yet nothing is said to them, but if you retaliate in the same manner, others come down on you about being mean, not nice and rude or you have your response removed while theirs stays up. So it's really not the nature of the beast, it's the way the site is run, or there lack of. It's catch 22 no matter how you look at it, I guess. If the guys who run the site are going to be bias and one-sided, then I guess it's out of my control.
  9. Um....that people become ******* as they age? I don't know. You tell me.
  10. No, that's not the dilemma . The problem is posting a thread and then having certain jerks make snarky, condescending, belittling remarks that I really don't care to see. If I could post a thread and avoid them all together then this site would be a little more enjoyable like it used to be.
  11. Seriously? Man, there used to be a blocking option on here, which I should have taken advantage of at the time. I've also notice that you can't delete threads that you previously posted, either.
  12. Can someone tell me the procedure on how to go about blocking certain members on this site from communicating with you and seeing your posts. There used to be a way to do it on here, but I don't see that option anymore. Send me a private message because this thread seems to keep getting removed.
  13. I knew a while back that there was away to block members on here so that you don't see them and they don't see you. Can't seem to find that option now. Is it still offered on here?
  14. Yeah, that makes sense. That's why I wanted to find out for sure. Thanks for the clarification on that.
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