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  1. Loren, I am saddened at such a harsh post by you. Which is flawed. 1. I did not say the axle is weak. My concern was cost. 2. The axle isn't so expensive, as the brakes are. For the cost of a new drum "$300", I got an entire axle. Which in turn will also help my highway rpms, Which in turn makes my future brake jobs for the rear, dirt cheap. 3. I never said only recent axles have the right ratios. I bought this one strictly because of its cheaper cost. Not based on its age at all. 4. There is very little engineering involved in this swap. Also the fact that my new axle was
  2. New video in my 1954 Savoy! With a shout out to our forum!
  3. Daily driving to my shop. Definitely takes longer to get to work. Cant fly around corners or run at 75mph in this old girl. Her name is Great Grandma
  4. Thanks guys!! Im thinking its the 218, as it has the standard 3 speed trans. A Plymouth video is coming very soon. Ill post a link when its up. Ive been driving it daily the last few days. Its very smooth, but Im learning that its not the car to take if Im in a huge hurry. LOL It needs re-geared to 3.54 or 3.23. Id like to cruise at 65 easy
  5. Please tell me this is highway robbery on the price. I hope this isn't the going rate for one of these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/352236758175?hash=item5202f2649f:g:c7cAAOSwIVhaOYiZ
  6. Hello guys. My name is David. I own an exotic / euro repair shop in Newton, KS. I just picked up a new ride that I couldnt turn down. I LOVE it. Got it from near Lincoln, NE 1954 Plymouth Savoy. 30k original miles. 3 speed standard trans. Id rather have this old girl than a Chevy or Ford anyday!!
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