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  1. Thanks, I certainly did adjust the nut that allows the shifter to engage 2nd and 3rd. All linkage is in place under the car so that’s the great news. I’m hoping it’s an adjustment issue. Appreciate the feedback!
  2. My thoughts exactly, two different issues also occurred the past two times trying to engage the transmission. The first time it would just rev and the other where it would clunk and lurch. I assumed that what ever kept the clutch from engaging failed and the very first issue felt like I “popped the clutch” The only adjustment I did was to the nut that adjusts 2nd and 3rd gears as it wasn’t able to shift into them when I bought it.
  3. Thank you! I’ll pull this cover off and inspect when I get a chance, I don’t have a garage and have rain all weekend.
  4. Where is the clutch access panel? I have the service manual but it doesn’t show that area. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I’m afraid of that, I sure hope it’s not too big of an issue. What bad luck, only drove it 2 miles since I’ve got it!
  6. Thankfully it has only dripped a couple of drops over the two weeks I’ve had it.
  7. Here’s the latest, there’s a new issue now. The recap - First time - I started the car, pushed in the clutch, foot on the brake and shifter in neutral. Without anything being touch, I head a loud BANG! and the car lurched forward as if I just popped the clutch. The clutch pedal was pushed in and it was in neutral. When I started it up again, it would rev and shift through the gears but wouldn’t engage. Second time - I cleaned up the car as best as I could so I could inspect all linkage and areas. I could not find anything disconnected. I started the car and took a video to document the second time. I stated the car, clutch in and brake on, same as the last time. Started up fine and when I went into 1st, it revved and then CLUNK, I repeated it three times, I don’t know why, maybe just stubborn. And it was the same result, Rev, Release Clutch, CLANG! It would move maybe an inch each time. Video won’t load cause it’s too large so link is here - So here I am with a car that won’t engage. Any suggestions? I want to note that both times, the issues were different, there was no CLANG the first time, it simply revved and wouldn’t engage. Where should I start next? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you to everyone for your insight and replies. So far everything looks intact, so I’ll have to remove some covers to look inside. I get the service manuals on Monday so I’ll get it up on stands and see if I can get more info, however with limited knowledge I’ll be looking for obvious damage or broken/out or place parts. Really appreciate all the feedback, this has been quite frustrating just having bought this and maybe the seller was hiding a transmission problem.
  9. It closely resembled dropping a revved engine into first. I also know I jumped a little so I can’t be sure how much, that’s as close as I can remember, and my hands were not on the steering wheel or shifter at the time, only my feet on clutch and brake. That’s how I knew it was not engaged at the time. Worst case scenario, are these transmissions even rebuildable? Or do I have to find an old one?
  10. Thanks for the reply, I haven’t experienced anything like this before, being in neutral should have had it disengaged, but it was something spinning fast that made contact enough to create that bang and lurch. I totally understood the not being able to shift into 2 & 3. And was able to fix that just fine. But this baffles me and honestly sounded like the transmission exploded. I expected to see oil all under the but nothing. I just pray it’s not catastrophic! Thanks again! My manuals are on the way so I can get a better idea of all the transmission parts.
  11. It came from under the car/hood. It was very loud so it was hard to pin point, however my girlfriend came running out of the house as she thought I banged another car to give you an idea of how loud it was. I’ll start with that linkage inspection process, appreciate the feedback on where to look and diagnose.
  12. I just bought this last week, when I did, it only had 1st and reverse. After finding this forum I was able to adjust the shift rod so I could engage 2nd and 3rd. So I completely understand the adjustment pieces as it took going back and forth a bit adjust just one nut, however to have a loud bang and lose shifting without doing anything is what has me stumped. Nothing looks out of ordinary or obviously broken.
  13. Thanks for the reply and parts diagram. Most likely I’ll be replacing that spring. Hopefully I’ll be able to identify why I can’t get it to engage.
  14. Transmission isn’t engaging. Here’s what happened. While warming up in neutral, without doing anything, I hear a large BANG! And it felt like someone shifted hard into first gear. After that, the shifter will shift through all gears but not engage any gears. There’s no leaks under the car, and when I popped the hood, I couldn’t see anything out of place except there looks to be a spring that’s broken that sits on the steering shaft, is this something that broke and is not preventing the transmission from working? I don’t know where to start to solve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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