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  1. The knob does turn counter clockwise a bit then stops, I was afraid to force it. maybe I need to soak it with penetrating fluid. Thanks for clarification how this knob comes off!
  2. I need to replace my headlight switch but removing the knob from the switch has me perplexed. The knob isn’t threaded so it doesn’t screw off the shaft. There is no set screw, no slit in the knob to compress a spring release and I don’t see a button on the switch body that would release the shaft and knob from the switch. Any help from those that know the secret to accomplishing this task would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I need to replace the headlight switch a on B2C. I can’t figure out how to remove the switch knob. It doesn’t screw off, there is no slot with a spring to compress to remove the knob and there is no button on the switch body to depress to remove the shaft that the knob mounts to. Any assistance from those that have replaced their switch is appreciated.
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