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  1. Likely, he also unhooked the break booster from the brakes also. I think what I focus on now is finding the right valving and plumbing to make it work and look as original as possible for both the brakes and the axle. Looks like I need to find the correct firewall valve and the axle vacuum actuator? Then I need to figure out how to get the booster hooked back into the breaking system and figure out why it wasn't working if there was an actual issue. Is there something that needs to be taken into account at the speedo also when changing the rear end gear ratio?
  2. Yes, the original story i was told was the previous owner was having issues with the vacuum shifting of the axle and made the rebar manual lever to get it working.
  3. Anything you can post is very appreciated!! The body tag on my truck shows wf32 however the truck does have the larger frame and had a full dump bed originally. It still has the the pto, hydraulics, and bottom section of the dump bed. Someone cut the dump truck bed sides off. The story of this truck is it was purchased directly from Dodge by a silver mining company in Nevada and used there for years. Latter it was purchased from the mining company by a farmer in CA. That farmer then sold the property to a new owner and the truck stayed with the property, I purchased it from tha
  4. Does anybody know of a starter that I can get to to replace the stock 6 V starter starter, I think the one in the truck might dead
  5. Yes, will post a pic latter however the original owner removed the vacuum actuator and connected a solid rod to the shift arm of the axle connected to a handel in the cab when he was having issues with the vac actuator I was told. I would like to try to get it back to as original as possible so looking to put it back to vacuum. Still have to get a vacuum actuator also.
  6. Great write up and this helps a lot!! Thank you so much! One question, do you know if the 1947 was different? In my research I have seen 1948 and beyond like yours but mine at the firewall looks like this.
  7. Sorry, misread the last post, what is it that the vacuum button or switch on the gear shift hooks to that engages the vacuum actuator on the axle?
  8. Hmm, since I only see one booster by the gass tank I wonder if I'm missing 1, do you possibly have a picture you can send of what the 2 speed booster should look like?
  9. Should the two speed be directly connected to the motor vacuum lines or should it have its own booster somewhere? I see the booster behind the driver's side near the gas tank but it appears a previous owner disconnected the booster and they had stuck a metal hand lever and a solid rod rebar rod back to the two speed and it appears the brakes were disconnected from the booster booster
  10. That would be wonderful, thank you so much! Is there a good book for these trucks you would recommend?
  11. Mine appears to be a 4 speed. It looks like at some.point a previous owner unhooked the vacume booster and ran the breaks straight off the master cylinder so i am trying to figure out how that was all connected originally still also if you might know? I assume the the two speed control switch was a vacuum switch that connected to the booster some how? Thank you for the reply!
  12. I recently purchased this 1947 Dodge wf 32 and have a couple questions. Does anyone know if they came from the factory with a wood panel in the floorboard over the transmission? Mine has one and I have found three others online. My truck has a 2 speed rear end however I cant find any documentation that shows how the factory shifter would have been positioned. It looks like things changed in 1948? It has the vacum booster near the gas tank behind the cab which I assume might have been used for a break booster and the vacuum shift of the rear end? Jeff
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