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  1. I was assuming this was just an add on kit to the original 3spd trans?
  2. So this kit looks like what I need since I cannot seem to find a t5 or ranger 5spd anywhere close to me 🤷‍♂️
  3. That’s what I was wanting to do but finding a ranger trans around me here has been impossible and that’s the reason I’m looking for other options. Thanks
  4. Loren thanks I am looking into that option as well and may be my cheapest route to go.
  5. AndyDodge I’ve been looking for the ranger fm132 trans and have had no luck on that one. Heard the gm t5 would work but haven’t heard of anyone who had done it or anyone that would reply back with the info on the swap. I’m also swapping the rearend out for a Ford 8.8 disc brake rear and doing the scarebird disc brake conversion on the front. Would love to have more specifics of someone doing the gm t5 though
  6. Thanks for adding me to the page. I have a 51 cambridge and want to do a trans swap to a 5spd. I’ve been told T5, FM132(Ford ranger) and the a833od trans. Who has done a T5 that can point me in right direction of what trans I need and what extras are needed. Thanks
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