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    Just trying to enjoy each day
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    Service Manager at Harley shop


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    Washington State / '50 Deluxe, (2)'55 Belvedere / '70 Chevelle, '59 Apache Stepside, '52 B3B
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    Love the old cars, new ones are not reliable
  1. seen it, I bought a '50 wagon last summer, havent changed a thing...except the fluids. been on several 650 mile road trips, not an issue to speak of. Enjoy, nice wagon.
  2. I'd say to check the linkage connection at the side of the transmission, especially if it feels loose.. I had a '52 Dodge truck & it would come loose periodically & I would have to get the wrenches out & tighten it up, all good for next 250 miles.. Hope that helps
  3. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/2801991791.html
  4. http://www.forwardlook.net/ here is a link to another car forum I tend to hang out at as well. I have a couple '55 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door cars, I get some pretty good feedback over on this forum. I would give them the same question.
  5. sorry bingster, just a joke that popped to mind...listen to yourself say it. "soak it in cider" who knows, it might actually work.
  6. congrats! Having kids is the stuff that makes our lives worth living...and old cars of course.
  7. you guys did it to me...I learned it from watching you alright...
  8. took the '55 Belvedere to Leavenwurth WA for the weekend about a year ago.
  9. awesome thread! Thanks for taking us along.
  10. I'm Pretty sure She's a '55
  11. yeah, I have it just sitting complete, not sure what to ever do with it. I suppose I will just hold onto it until something comes up.
  12. awesome ingenuity! Those ideas are simple, effective & wont cost you anything but time! I like it alot!
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