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  1. Well I am willing to fill my carb float bowl area with gas and see what happens when I crank the motor. I just rebuilt the carb so I haven't put the air horn on the gasket tight yet. I guess I'll see what happens tomorrow! Oh the joys of learning about old...old...old cars
  2. @keithb7 my fuel pump has the straight lever...does the bent one only work on certain vehicles vs the straight lever? From the way it shows in the picture I honestly don't even know how it's possible to get the pump installed flush with the bolts snug/tight, and not have the lever where it belongs on the cam.
  3. I will give that rotating the fan blad stuff a try, there's always a possibility that could do something. I'd buy a fuel pump that has an output close to the mechanical fuel pump. Good look on the auto power off switch. 👌
  4. @LazyK you're probably right. @Happy 46R ya I dont know how to get in there to really inspext it so...fk it.. I'm gonna buy an electric in line fuel pump and just move on. Still gotta get her to run aha
  5. @Sniper alright, so it only goes in in one way. I don't have to find a specific spot on the cam right? I don't understand why the pump will spray fuel if I pump it outside the motor by hand but squirts nothing when in the car
  6. @keithb7 Yes I have a lever very similar to that, just a glass filter on the bottom. I was under the impression the fuel pump only fits in in one way. That you kind of just make it fit into where the cam is, not necessarily adjusting anything but might have some resistance putting it in
  7. So I went to rebuild the carb and everything looks almost new in it. Checked my rebuilt fuel pump and while it pumps gas by hand, does not shoot any fuel out in the engine. Did a bit more digging on here, I'm curious, is there some sort of rod in the engine that I need to somehow hold up to get the fuel pump to pump fully? Apparently you use Vaseline?
  8. 1951 Buick super 8 for $3,500 located in Alexandria, Indiana. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4057023494407716/
  9. That's the video I watched, the fuel pump is not identical to mine as the way the diagram hooks to the lever for pumping is different in the video vs on my 48 dodge but hope it's helpful in some way.
  10. I recently rebuilt my fuel pump, I believe I got that little cap out with a screw driver. I think I was able to fit it in the hole and pry it out. If you have a rebuild kit it should have a replacement rubber seal and new metal cap piece to put there. If you search around the forum there's a video posted in a previous thread that actually has a guy showing the disassembly and reassembly of the fuel pump.
  11. Yea from researching on here mikes definitely seems like the way to go but he's sold out for the time being unfortunately
  12. Alright folks, apologies for not asking some basic questions sooner the air force up n decided me n my wife needed to get stationed down in Georgia so I've been prepping our house in Maryland to move. Anywhoser...I pulled my fuel pump, rebuilt it, and she is spitting gas like no one's business. Car still doesn't run, so I'm figuring the carb needs a complete rebuild and is probably seized/gummed up to the point of not working. My question is this: I've never rebuilt a carb before, and I'm under the impression you can re-use all the parts just get new gaskets, is that correct? Or do I need all
  13. @Kilgore47 I couldn't agree more! It's a slow process and I'm sure I'll get there. I'm hoping to have her road worthy ish by October provided the Air Force doesn't move me last minute.
  14. Yes n with everything in I have spark at the plug so it's a step in the right direction. Now I gotta figure out how to get this fuel pump working! Aha never a dull moment with these old cars
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