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  1. I'm looking out for a 6v gauge instead now 😏 Well, back to the question is that they wouldn't share grounds though the chassis and sender unit would get 6volt POS and the gauge would have 12volt +/-..... Unless I tried to isolate the sender completely for the 12volt neg 😕 feels a little risky don't you think?
  2. You are right! Better safe then sorry 😎
  3. Why so confused? I thought it was crystal clear 🤣 I get it, many of you don't think it's a good idea to mix 6 and 12 volts. Of course not but it's not easy to find the right gauges and sending units over here. You can probably go to the local farmacy and find something over there 😎... But to find a 6volts Neg ground gauge and a sending unit that fits the original hole...hmmm.... 😕.... Not interested in "new" stock from 1945 either... By the way, I always have 2 fire extinguishers and a "blanket" in the car at all times 😎
  4. Sure, I've seen them out there but as usual I have to order it from the states or China and costs me to much.... I'm trying a cheaper version...my plan is to have the 12V gauge in the glove compartment, don't have to see it all the time 😏 The old sending unit is getting out and the new one installed in the same hole, there of the grounding matter...
  5. Hmmm.... Look at the drawing 😎 ... My question is basecly, what if I don't get it right and the new sensor ground (12V NEG) touches the tank/car that is grounded 6V POS?.....
  6. Yes, I know that the sender measures ohms and the new gauge is for 12V. But the thing is that the sender has to be grounded according to the manual and I can't ground it to the vehicle or tank though they are POS 6V .... Do you follow my consern? 😔
  7. Hi 😎 Well, let's see what other members think of it 😁 I was thinking of putting a step up converter but as I already had a solar panel charger for 12V I tried it and it works amazingly well 😀 I have a BOSS MC900B car amp with built-in Bluetooth and usb-charger 😍 works really well.
  8. Hi guys! Ok, this is a tough one for ya 😎 My Chrysler New Yorker has 6V positiv ground. My fuel gauge hasn't been working for years and I don't get the instructions in the manual for testing the gauge 😭 ... Old stuff, probably not going to work... So, I decided to install a 12V gauge and sender (I have a 12V battery in the back for the soundsystem)...BUT 🙄 the tank is in contact with the car so it's grounded 6V positiv... Will the car and my house explode 🙃 if the new 12V sender is grounded as instructed to NEG 12V and touches the POS 6V grounded tank?! Was this q
  9. So guys. The problem was apparently the flasher...new one but faulty 😡 Thx for the replys and support!
  10. Good question 😎 I would like to know to 😉
  11. Thx to the new information I found were it says the make of the carburetor 🥳👏
  12. So you see why it's so confusing? 😂 Thank you so much for the help. Now, I'll try to find a kit for it 😳
  13. Hmmm....so, Stromberg or Carter... Back to starting position 🤯😂... I'll look att the top in a little while then 😎
  14. I'll look into that. The only tags I've found so far are these... But they are in really bad shape.... Or just extremely dirty 🤣
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