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  1. got it running, it was indeed the coil
  2. i totally agree with you on testing, so with the ignition on, should i be getting power at the coil?
  3. i actually just tried the ground on the coil to the distributpr and positive to the ignition but no start, tried starting fluid and nothing. points are gapped at 0.20 and firing order is correct. im honestly thinking i should have got it started by now. im wondering if the coil is shot because through out all of testing, the coil was cold.
  4. so i would wire from the positive side of the battery to the positve side of the coil and negative to dizzy?
  5. hey guys, just recently picked this 1950 plymouth super deluxe up as a project and im honestly lost of what to do to get it started. the guy before me said he was putting an electronic ignition in but messed up, so i took it out and put the points back in. im lost on the part of wiring the distributor to the coil and ignition switch. so my questions are for now. 1. from the distributor to the coil, is it positive or negative? 2. from the coil to ignition switch, is it just a direct link? also what else should be on the switch? 3. on the coil, what other wires are supposed t
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