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  1. The rub block was different on this distributor. I've seen some points screw holes on the right side of the points and some on the left side of the points also.
  2. I recently got a set of at NAPA that showed correct for my year of car but ended up not correct for my distributor. I didn't pay a lot of attention they looked the same and just installed them when I noticed everything was the same but the cam follower didn't come close to touching the distributor cam.
  3. LOL Seriously! I usually don't bust out at someone's misery but that's funny.
  4. This on on a 1950 Dodge Wayfarer. To my knowledge may old Chrysler, Dodge ,Plymouths, Desoto's had them. There is a plug (can't remember if those were 7/16's or 1/2 inch wrench size on each side of the axle about an inch or two inward from the Brake backing plate almost on the bottom of the axle. Mine were really rusty but managed to get them out pretty easily and shove some grease into the hole and reinstall plug.
  5. A picture of the trunk of my black car on a cloudy day (sun was not shining when picture was taken) . Used Nexgen gives a mirror like finish.
  6. If you got good paint Nexgen is great stuff. Easy to apply, makes paint very shiny and slick like F11 but supposes to have 3 times more the ceramics in it. Just spray and wipe. $20-$30 per bottle will do about 20 cars. They advertise 30. Top rated.
  7. Whatever happened to handing out poppy's for Veterans day or was it Memorial day. Whatever happened to Country music, now they put a cowboy hat on a hippie and call it country. Whatever happened to S and H Green stamps. Whatever happened to 5and dime stores. What ever happened to yard darts. What ever happened to building a car that rides good. Whatever happened to neighborhood get togethers. Whatever happened to making teenage children work.
  8. Just wanted to start a fun thread that would test our memories a little bit, and hopefully make for interesting reading. This could be something like Whatever happened to ashtrays in cars, or pledge of allegiance in schools, or maybe an old forum member that had passed on etc.
  9. I have a shop manual. Also researched the forum real good before tackling the job. Every thing went textbook until I found the adjusting screw locked up. Wouldn't budge even with an impact and hammer. Didn't want to break anything from brute force so backdoored a solution. Now no play in the steering wheel. No binding (did have to add another shim back in that I had taken out because it had some drag on the wheel) I still have the star lock retainer in place on the cover plate which I noticed was what the notch on the adjuster screw was for after I had asked the question. Appreciate yo
  10. Dang ol'screw would not budge no matter how much force I used. Page from the Cowboy Life manual, "do what it takes to get the job done and move on"
  11. Whatever I tried I could not free up the adjuster screw or slide it out sideways. So thinking about it a moment I thought what does the screw do? It pushes the gears closer together so I didn't screw the top plate down all the way down leaving it about a 1/3 of an inch from flush then bolted it together, pushing the gears closer like the adjuster screw does. Then I would check play in the steering wheel unbolt the plate again twist it out a few more turns bolt up the plate check play etc. until I got the setting correct. No more play in the wheel!
  12. My steering wheel has a lot of play, about three inches. I took the side cover off the steering box and removed a couple of shims which helped a little. I then took the cover nut off the adjusting screw and locking retainer and screw wouldn't move either way. I Managed to get the plate removed, but screw would not budge. I struck it with an impact driver and hammer a few times and it wiggles just a little but will not loosen or tighten. I noticed the adjusting screw has a keyway notch cut into the side of it, am I missing something here? Any help is much appreciated!
  13. knuckleharley, Don't know what to say. Amazing life story! Thanks for your service to this country! And thanks for sharing your story, you have made me feel welcome here and I appreciate that! As long as you have hope, and a few dreams the tough things that life throws at you is always worth the fight. You are in my thoughts and prayers!
  14. Is the lack of interest in the old car collector hobby from the younger crowd due to lack of disposable income when you are starting out with a family? Or due to misinformation or ignorance about the old Mopars do they think it will cost $20-30 grand to get into this? Or is it mostly something you acquire as you age some. Or when you are younger your hobbies and interests are different than when you "mature" (kind word for old).?
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