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  1. Hi Rich, If you get the chance can you take a couple of pictures of this meet that you're going to? Cars, parts vendor etc. Wish I could make it. How do these meets advertise local media, Hemmings?
  2. The fan belt on the 36' Desoto is falling apart. The number on the belt is Raybestos V-609. Do you have the cross reference number for a replacement?

    1. desoto1939


      I do not have any cross ref on the belts. Take the old belt to a Napa store even if broken they can measure the belt and then do a search to get to the next appropriate belt that willfit your car.

      Also check on ebay.



    2. Petermarc


      Thanks Rich. 

  3. I'm not there yet but on the head  there's a plug that's stamped heater. There were heater hoses coming out of the cab not connected. There's a outlet coming out of the water pump. Do the heater hoses connect to these two locations? With the water pump kit I ordered from Ebay a valve came with it. Does that valve go into the head that's stamped heater?

    1. Petermarc


      I answered my own question. I found a picture of where the heater hoses go and they go where it's stamped heater, go figure. Now I have to remove the plug that's probably been there for 80 plus years. Lots of penetrating fluid.

  4. T120 Thanks for the heads up on the vent windows. I was wondering how it opened and closed. I'm missing the one on the passenger side ( just thought you might like to know in case you see one!) The other Airstream Customs I've seen on the internet don't have the marker lights on the front fenders. I think I rescued this one in time.
  5. Oh yeah, my email, petear@pacbell.net
  6. Hi Rich, That is a beautiful car. I'm almost ashamed to send a picture of mine. Don't laugh too hard. My thinking is that my Desoto deserves a second chance and I'm going to give it that chance. As you can see it is stock and yes the coil is mounted on the firewall and it is a foot switch. I'm waiting for a carburetor rebuild kit, when I got the car home one of the first things I did was look at the carburetor. It was filled with dirt, I think something used to live in it. From Ebay I purchased a rebuilt distributor with new points already in it, new cap, rotor, wires and plugs. I'm goin
  7. Hey Rich, Thanks for the reply. I never restored a car I did my truck a 1969 Chevrolet 1/2 ton C-10. The 36' Desoto I started to work on recently. I'm going to order the service and parts manual that you mentioned from Ebay. Are you restoring the 1939 Desoto sedan?
  8. I'm restoring a 36' Desoto Airstream that sat in a field for a long time. I'm going to restore this car from the ground up. Starting with the engine because I was told by the previous owner that the last time it was started was in the 90's so why not give it a shot. In checking out the wiring it had been chewed up by every critter that happened to walk or crawled by. I think some had lived in the car at one time or another. My question to all is where can I acquire an exact wiring diagram of the car?
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