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    1934 Dodge pick-up. Being updated to a later flat-head 6, with an S-10 transmission and rear-end.

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    Just an old guy who has worked on cars/machinery his entire life.
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  1. An update on my engine swap efforts. First, my thanks who provided comments: they did help. The oil pan swap was, as I hoped, a fairly easy change. The sump on the '34 oil pan is only about 2 inches forward of the location on the P25 pan. Internally, the baffling in the pan, and the oil pick-up screens were quite different. Fortunately, the oil pick-up location was the same on both engines is the same, and the pan went on with no problems. The hardest part was all the cleaning, and getting the gaskets properly fitted. The starter problem took a little more research. I found that th
  2. I have a 1934 Dodge pick-up that I've owned for many years, and finally decided to get it back on the road. The original engine was rather tired, so I decided to update to a later 218 or 230 inch flat-head backed by a 5 speed transmission from a Chevy S-10. I found a decent '54 Plymouth engine, and started the disassembly. I did a similar swap (without the 5 speed) years ago with a '57 Plymouth engine in a 1936 Dodge pick-up. That swap was a simple engine replacement with no issues. With the '34, there are issues. My first issue is that the '34 and '54 engine blocks are slight
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