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  1. Pauld

    Kew Engine

    Tyres are Dunlop Racing 204. 6.00L-16 car has dodge engine front axle and diff. The car is a pre war special built from parts pre war to resemble cars of that era. first raced in 2006 in Australia
  2. Pauld

    Kew Engine

    Yes it’s a 25 inch head, see photo attached
  3. Pauld

    Kew Engine

    Hi, I hoping that someone might be able to help me with a bit of info regarding a KEW engine i have. The serial number on the side of the block says B in a raised circle then KEW 2A2 4843 Other numbers on the opposite side near the rear M021043 I am trying to find out the capacity, performance etc. This will be used to replace a damaged engine i have I have a 1938 Dodge special with a 250 cui that has a damaged crank and hoping to use some of the parts to rebuild my engine. This is being used in historic racing in Australia, Any help would be greatl
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