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  1. Before I bought the car, it sat in storage for close to 30 years. Previous owner had a mechanic that got it running but the guy never really got to drive it before he ended up needing to sell it. That being said, it could be dirty from sitting for all those years and never being cleaned since who knows when. Carb definitely could use a good cleaning and a rebuild kit. It is definitely starving of fuel, I got it to act up while driving it and limped it home, parked it, and just sat on the throttle a little until it died. Took the top of the carb off and sure enough, the bowl was empty. Now it j
  2. Fuel pump gas no sediment bowl, and definitely no added on inline filter. So I pulled the top of the carb off and saw that the accelerator pump wasn’t even close to touching the top of the spring retainer. (The bowl doesn’t have much fuel in it at the moment because I was pumping the throttle linkage to see how the accelerator pump would react. The float looked about right at the 5/64 that it should be, didn’t take the time to properly measure though when I saw the pump.) Should it be safe to assume that it’s time for a new pump and spring?
  3. both coils I have put in were new, and the issue started well after the tune up. The gaps were all set spot on. Not over or under. I’ll have to check and see which fuel pump I’ve got and go from there. Do you know roughly where the fuel filet would be at on one of these? Inline along the frame rail maybe? It’s -8° out right now here so I’m trying to get as much info as I can before I have to go outside and freeze my butt off haha
  4. Lately, every time I get on a decent stretch of road that isn’t stoplight to stoplight, my Cranbrook starts to hesitate and will stop firing for several seconds. I let off the throttle, and usually it’ll pop and crackle a little bit. I’ll slowly start to ease back into the throttle and it’ll be fine for another several seconds and then repeats. It’s completely hit or miss when it actually does it. Idles fine, usually accelerates just fine. I’ve got new plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new coils. Checked the gap for the plugs and the points. I’ve tried the three different settings on the Carb for t
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