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  1. Update - I just got off the phone with Kanter. They told me I ordered one for the sedan, not the club coupe. But the sedans for sale online also have 6 bows so I think they just didn't want to replace the headliner and wanted me to buy a new one. Hopefully it will be here in a month.
  2. OK, looking at the car interiors for the two door here (https://classiccars.com/listings/find/1950/plymouth) I'm guessing at the very best they forgot to sew the 6th listing and at the worst they gave me the wrong top. I'll call them tomorrow.
  3. I could be mistaken as to where the hoop goes but the headliner came with 5 listings but I have 6 bows. I read the 6th holds the wings on the side of the rear window but I don't know what it should look like. The 6th bow is very different from the other 5 There are definitely 6 holes I assume the 6th bow goes in something like this but seems like it won't fit. Maybe it goes over the back window?
  4. I'm getting ready to install the headliner (I will update my build thread with detailed photos) and I'm having trouble understanding how to install the 6th bow. I can't find any youtube videos that deal with how the headliner is supposed to attach to that bow and where it lays exactly under the rear window. I see everything else I need to install (tack strips, metal teeth, etc) but without any references for the 6th bow I am a bit puzzled. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. Engine rebuilt in 2012. I'm using 10w-30 synthetic. No issues.
  6. That's kind of what I first thought of. I figured I'd clean them up, drill them, and tack weld a bolt.
  7. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to do about these fasteners? I have 4 broken on each side of the grill and one at the top. How have you guys gone about fixing this?
  8. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
  9. My 50 Spexial Deluxe speaker is a 5x7. I am installing it now but I need to cut some of the metal to make it fit. I ordered this one (https://www.amazon.com/RetroSound-D-572-Replacement-Speaker-Vehicles/dp/B00VWH3LT2/ref=mp_s_a_1_43?crid=29Q0MSFS9QIF0&keywords=custom+classic+car+speaker+5x7&qid=1640309095&sprefix=custom+classic+car+speaker+5x7%2Caps%2C84&sr=8-43/ ).
  10. I just got mine freed up last night. I hit it with penetrating oil at least 3 or 4 times over the last week and let them soak. Last night I sprayed them again and used a pair of channel locks to slowly wiggle them back and forth. Both broke free and then I lubed them with white lithium grease. I'll put the cowl back together after I get the weatherstripping back in.
  11. I got mine from Kanter (https://www.kanter.com/index.aspx). Call them though because their website is a bit lacking. Their catalogue (I mean...who uses catalogues anymore, LOL!) is much nicer and has more stuff in it. I didn't install it yet but I will once it snows and I put her away for the winter. I'll post pics then.
  12. I watch all your videos and get very excited when I see your Plymouth. Thanks!
  13. Ran into a minor snag and wanted an opinion. The rattling was the parking brake rivets digging into the drum. I've seen on this forum where people send these out to Tennessee Clutch to get relined. Is that still the goto? I saw the brake band lining at bernbaums. Will that work as well?
  14. Not sure, I get my paint from Allied Paint in Newark, NJ. My fat fingers are covering the name but I wanted to get an extra pint from him so when I go there I'll find out. I do know the paint number is 6B-4958232A.
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