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  1. I placed information on Fulton Visors and parts. Since then I have spoken to both outfits I listed. It is in my opinion that of the two places listed, Mud's classic parts and restoration is the better of the two. Better prices, better selection, and better service. Ask for Josh, he's great. signed, Jon Kingston
  2. I see so many ads for Fulton Visor Wanted, parts and Visors. Here are two E-mail addresses with ALL the visors and parts you ever wanted to buy. bobsclassicautoglass.com 1-800-624-2130 mudsrestorationparts.com He has a package deal of a Fulton Visor WITH Fulton View finder. Good deal. He also sells parts for the visors. Between these 2 guys a person should be able to find everything they need for the Fulton Visor. Good luck. Jon Kingston
  3. Pete, I never saw this E-mail. I guess it was sent to the P-15 site and Not to me, I do not know why? I do not have your manifold. I have one for the 23" motor. I will tell you that ANY manifold from the big six 25" motor will work. In fact, any manifold after 1949 has a much better flow system to it. And is 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger output. The exhaust comes out in the middle of the 3 rear cylinders instead of at the very end. It's a much better flow design. I don't know how original you want to make it? If you want more info you can reach me direct kingstonjon@centurylink.net I'm a retired Chrysler mechanic of 50years. I know a little bit about these motors. Jon
  4. Hello, I got my E-mails mixed up. I'm sorry about that. You are the guy wanting the Exhaust and Intake manifold. I have one, but I need the motors size. Just measure the length of the head. It should be 23 or 25 inches long from front to back. Let me know. Thanks... Jon
  5. You show a pic of 2 edge trims, but the pic in your ad shows the trim on the door panel? Do you need both? I have a P-15 parts car. It's a 4DSD but, you could cut the 2 and make one very easy, with a welder..TIG would be best for thin metal. Well...Let me know...Jon
  6. Hello. I may have it..need the engine size in inches long...23 or 25 inch. The head from front to back or back to front. Jon
  7. How do I contact the person selling the 36 Chrysler?  I want to buy it.  Jon

  8. Napa used to have them in their catalog. If you can find someone who will open a BOOK and not look on a computer, you can get a part number to help your search. Also, there were Brass ones made. If you can find one of them, BUY IT. They're out there, you just need to spend the time looking. Many auto machine shops have them in their catalogs also.
  9. It's very simple. Contact the PLYMOUTH BULLETIN Cavalier N.D. (701) 549-3746. E-mail: benji@utma.com . Neil Riddle has a full page ad in the Plymouth Bulletin every issue. I'm sure they will know something. Jon
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