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  1. Thanks guys....doing the interior and panels. Looked at ordering original materials from SMS out of Oregon...holy smoke talk about HIGH bucks....$160.00 a yard....a 55% mark up from 2016 when I first started to think about re-doing the interior. The car isn't original, original so I'm changing it up a tad. Besides, after reviewing the reviews on those that have done business with them were not to favorable. Oh, well....again thanks for the information.
  2. Does anyone have suggestions on the process of removing interior door and window handles on a 1954 Plymouth ?
  3. does anyone know how to adjust the wipers arms under the dash on a 54 Plymouth ?
  4. Looking for some NOS interior material to replace some worn out material of my front seat. All of the rest of material is still in great condition and want to keep everything at the original look. I thought there was a company out there that has some of that old stock around. ??????? Thanks...
  5. Does anyone know of any salvage yards that may have some 54 Plymouths around....lokking for some misc. interior pieces.
  6. Has anyone out there put in Vintage Air in your cars ? What size unit if so. Thanks...
  7. Thanks for the responces....this information helps with the research....if and when I get a solution I will post it.
  8. Does anyone know of a replacement 12V wiper motor out there for a '54 Plymouth ?
  9. Thanks for yout reply Andydodge....all of it makes sence...I will reach out to a guy here in MN that specializes in building rods and customs to get some help. Again, thanks.
  10. Made sense to me...guess I look at things a little differntly then some of you. Was just curious if anyone put in like a Idid-it steering column to eliminate the old steering box and what they did to make it work. Was just asking for some information which I thought this forum was all about.....didn't expect to get smart ass remarks from Mopar guys..... A little disappointed.....
  11. Has anyone changed out their original steering column to a tilt to exisiting front suspension to eliminate the steering box ?
  12. Has anyone done the front shock relocation utiizing the Ford 150 shock mounts ? Did mine, but would like to chat with someone that may have done it also....have questions on the ride and other issues. Also did a front disc brake convertion using ECI Components...Hotrodbrakes.com Thanks....
  13. Thanks for your reply....makes sence....will tackle it later today.
  14. Don't know that measurement...will need to get that later this morning...I'm a novice at this....the measurement I'm looking for is that while its on the hoist with wheels hanging free ?
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