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  1. Completely agree with you. I've got enough work with the other stuff.
  2. Yeah, that's exactly what I think the issue is. Am thinking of going vinyl or even canvas like material, think Carhartt, an might be able to find an upholsterer for that.
  3. That is definitely an option. My mom is an amazing seamstress and thinks we can mock up something with scrap fabric, then replicate in upholstery fabric with a heavy duty machine I have access to. But, as Ian Malcolm says, "just because we can, should we?" (paraphrase)
  4. The seats in the coronet aren't in great shape. They're definitely the original seats. Frames and springs all look ok, surface rust but I can wire brush that off. My big question is where to source foam and covers from if possible. I've found info on headliner replacement on here, so I'm set there. But, I'm unable to find any current info on seat covers or replacement. I've checked the links group and anything I've found there is either a dead link now, or, no longer carries covers for these seats. Any and all direction is greatly appreciated.
  5. Besides the Vikings? 🤣🤣 My mom is from Minnesota so I don't have too many, but, everytime we crossed the boarder going to my Grandmas my Dad would pretend to get a chill and complain about how cold it was. I do the same thing with my family now.
  6. Update! Finally got it picked up, there was a badge we missed on the driver side, it's a Coronet with Gyromatic transmission. High of 0 today. Its very frozen, so thawing out in the garage for now. Will post pics after I lower the file size
  7. I was concerned about the air cleaner too, we found it in the trunk. Not sure why it was off, but the carb moved freely, and we could turn it by hand so that is promising! I love how the car in the picture looks!
  8. Its amazing what they can do with that process. I had some football helmets dipped a few years back and turned out awesome. Never thought about redoing the wood grain that way. Turned out beautifully!
  9. I didn't see any gyromatic badging at all. I was just talking about that with a friend a mine that went to look at it with me, neither of us remember seeing anything of the sort and can't find anything in the pictures we have. The brake pedal is all the way to the floor, the lady I bought it from remembers it having a brake problem when it was parked a couple of years ago. I'm planning on putting it on a set of dollies so I can push it around the garage "easier". At least until I get it running and the brakes fixed.
  10. For the most part I'd like to keep it stock like both you and Knuck said, there are some small things I'd like to do but am not going to go crazy. Possibly 12 Volt upgrade, disc brakes, hidden modern radio, etc. Getting the stock 230 running, is a big hope and I really want to go that route.
  11. I can see the UNI Dome from my back deck. Small world! I unfortunately don't have much history on this car yet, am going to do a VIN lookup and see what I can find that way, if anything.
  12. Thanks everyone, planning to wash it off right away and clean up the grime and pine needles before I put it in the garage. Then see about getting the engine to turn over. The state of the motor will guide my plans for it.
  13. Hello all. New to the forum, and new to the classic car world. I've always been an admirer of classic cars, and have always wanted one. Anything from classic curves to pure muscle. I've recently purchased, and will be picking up a 1950 Dodge, I believe it to be a Coronet based off the research I've found, am hopeful the title will have it or I'm sure you all will know. Everything seems to be there, all the chrome, and parts. Floors are pitted and have the usual midwest rust spots so I'll get to remove those and replace, looking forward to that. Engine ran 2 years ago according to PO, it did tu
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