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  1. Before I pulled the brake band off I was attempting to adjust the handbrake via the manuals procedure. Started with the anchor bolt, that was fine but then discovered that the adjusting nut for the upper band was taken right up and still too much clearance. The previous owner said he had adjusted the handbrake, but I think he may have only tightened the cable up. I can appreciate the difficulty you had working under the car! I have never been so appreciative of the pit that I dug out when making my shed 36 years ago than now since owning the Dodge.
  2. Cheers all for the input. I’ll get the band relined and should all be good I think.
  3. Hi all, wondering how effective the handbrake at the rear of the gearbox extension housing can be? Without dismantling mine the lining looks to be OK and the brake seems to pull on properly but it is not at all effective. There are no oil leaks onto it.
  4. Another pic of the jack partly raised and another jack found on a local site in Oz that was made by Lightburn and called a Falcon jack because of the hook to engage a slot in the locally produced Ford Falcon car circa 1970 I think. Thanks for the inputs even tho’ not strictly pertaining to Mopar topics.
  5. I wonder if someone might be able to identify this jack.
  6. Wondering what this is called - is it a stone deflector to protect the fuel tank?
  7. Who leaves the grease nipples in the back axle after greasing the wheel bearings?
  8. The speedo head in my Dodge has locked up and screwed the cable off. Any one had any experience dealing with this, or is it straight to an auto instrument shop?
  9. My Dodge is the same as a P18, the motor being a 25” 218. I had a look on the left rear chassis, pic attached, just ‘M RP18L’
  10. greg g - no overdrive on my car and it is a three speed manual shift, commonly called a ‘three on the tree’ in Oz - don’t know if that is a universal term. BobT - I think they are the same as a Canadian P15 but don’t quote me! The Dodge has a 25” 230 motor - I think! There is an engine number on the left hand side of the block, a body number on the left side of the firewall in the engine bay, and a vehicle number on the right hand side of the firewall in the engine bay which I have only just found and can’t believe it took me so long to find it. Apparently the vehicle number is usually on
  11. Andy d - is a 36-42 parts book suitable for my car? I have a 46-53 Scientific Publications Service manual on the way. I can’t find a tag as described with a serial number on A pillars - unless they are inside under the trim. Photo of the red plate and tag attached. I received some paperwork with the car that lists the Vehicle number as being 98002756 that sounds right for the car. How is overdrive activated on these cars - I haven’t found it if it’s there. No centre folding armrest in rear seat. greg g the car has been registered using the engine number and the body number on the alloy ta
  12. Thanks greg g - great info. T J Richards was the body builder over here in Oz. Andy d pointed out that the bumpers are Plymouth. Cannot find a body number on either A pillar as yet, wondering if it has been covered with spray putty. Will take wheel off to check number on chassis. Have changed battery polarity back to positive earth and all is good. I have a factory service manual coming courtesy of the previous owner and will look for a parts book. Cheers Bill
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