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  1. Hello Greg, I´m living in Amsterdam not far from Rotterdam: i guess everything is close-by compared to the States 🙂 I don´t understand that i referred to an earlier year; maybe you mean the remark 23 Mopar; I meant 23´inch block Mopar Instead of 25 inch...
  2. Thanks Loren, for the explanation, if i have the time i will look into that. i know a tube amp repair man maybe he can help me with his scope.
  3. We still have collectors of WWII and army vehicles on oldtimer festivals so there is some army stuff available. I have ordered the distributor bushings from a Willys supplier; they use some Autolite parts !
  4. Thanks for the replys Rich & Greg; i just noticed them. The breaker plate seems tight, the axle has a bit of slack in the housing; I just got a vacuum pot from the specialist from Boston (don´t know if it´s okay to use names) I will test if my own repaired vacuum pot was at fault. I´m also expecting bushes so i will change them to be sure (plugs and wires are already done) It is the the IGS-4003B-1 so that´s good news. Here in the Netherlands there ain´t many 23 Mopar flatheads and none that i know. It´s hard to find a experienced garage and even harder to get parts. But
  5. Thanks that´s good advice, i will check the distributor again.
  6. when i have the distributor in my hand there is no slop between the cam and the shaft, it takes some force to overcome the spring tension of the mechanical advancer. When the distributor is in the block i can very easily rotate it and feel the slop. (without the advancer moving) So the distributor shaft presses in the oil pump shaft and the oil pump shaft is driven by a gear by the camshaft. it seems unlikely but it feels like there´s play directly at the end of the shaft. Otherwise i guess there could only be play between the oil pump gear and the camshaft. Is it common for the o
  7. Thanks for the reply, i did check the bushings and there was hardly any sideplay at the shaft. I will keep it in mind but for now i distrust the backlash between the drive part in the block and the distributor shaft. There is not supposed to be any play between the drive part and the shaft i suppose ?
  8. Hello fellow flathead drivers, Since a year i have a Plymouth 1937 Coup P4 with Autolite distributor. I have a annoying problem with the ignition timing, the markings are ´dancing´ back and forth as if the advancer is loose. But i have rebuild the distributor, mechanical advancer and vacuum advancer. Today i found out the end of the driveshaft has a lot of clearance in the engine block. It makes a difference of about 6 degrees on the cam. This would explain the dancing of the marking under the strobelight. Is the end of the shaft supposed to be snug in the drive part in the bloc
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