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  1. What sealant did you use this is a up and coming job for me too
  2. Haha yes i thought if that i just too nervous as to what maybe rong to ignore it
  3. Thanks guys yeah parts start climbing pretty high when you gotta get them sent to nz and with exchange rate but yes still cheaper than complete rebuild ill get a gasket set drop pan and head if necessary and see whats going on
  4. Ill try that why would depressing the clutch change or stop the knock
  5. It does have a leak at manifold to exhaust pipe but perhaps leaking at manifold to last cylinder . Am i right in saying if it was a rod bearing or gudgen pin noise it would show more when you reved it or under load ?
  6. Also engine noise more pronounced when hot
  7. Forgive me but with compression check im just looking for an marked difference between cylinders or with in range .how do i do a vacume check what am i looking for
  8. Hi guys i have a 52 plymouth cranbrook with a p26 motor . Ive had it since December last year just working on it to get a warrent ( New Zealand's road laws ) ive had it running and driving round but its got an knock at idle this knock disappears over idle it doesn't clatter or knock when you rev it or under load ? I have 40 pound oil pressure minimum when hot . Worryingly it does go away if i short the rear most cylinder plug .Any ideas?
  9. Sorry that was stupid to leave out 1952 plymouth cranbrook .standard 3 speed manual transmission
  10. Hi all , Ive finally got the plymouth up and running and have been on a few good runs .Unfortunately the gearbox is leaking quiet badly the leak apears to be coming from the front input shaft or perhaps somewhere around the gear selector plate , my question is what seals the input shaft the manual dosent depict a seal and i cant seem to find one listed to buy , is it common for them to leak around there ? Im going to pull gearbox out to fix seals at some stage ,at this point the output shaft seal is not leaking should i replace it anyway or just leave it alone until it does leak . Also the un
  11. Thanks very much as you said im use to having to find neutral gate or H pattern thanks
  12. Hi guys ,I have a problem my 52 Plymouths column change lever wont hold at the 1st or reverse position ( close to steering wheel ) when either gear is selected . Once either gear is selected it will sping back to the 2nd or 3rd position ,ive studied the manual but with this car being NewZealand new it was built right hand drive so linkage system is different to any thing i can find .it still uses rods to select gears but uses a cable conennected to bottom of the column selector shaft to switch between banks of gears . I cant see anything that will stop the gear lever moving from the bank selec
  13. Thanks i can do something like that altho this car hasnt got the heater fitted as a option but can do the same thing but just straight pipe
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