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  1. never "bottom out" tape or sealant. It should only be on the last 5 or 6 threads of the fitting and no more than 2 layers wound in the opposite direction of tightening so it fits over the threads better during this operation. Never bury the threads. M
  2. To prevent any danger of sealant breakdown, Teflon tape works wonders. M
  3. I am having real good luck with KBS Blast which is a really good rust converter. KBS has a wide variety of rust inhibiting products and can be obtained at NAPA. M
  4. I would go with the outboard motor tank as the safest alternative since they do not tip over and the tank itself vents through the cap which is much safer. You have a primer in the line to get gas to the carb. Also keep in mind to only fill it with the minimum amount of petrol required & keep tank as far as possible from all sources of ignition while motor is firing. Safe Tuning! M
  5. due to rarity, that car must command a hefty price!
  6. This is why I buy lottery tickets! Rolling art. TY for posting. M
  7. Try the troubleshooting guide in a copy of Motors Auto Repair Manual. The guy who designed the fuel gauge soon went to work for the Furd Motor Company LOL! M PS check the past posts on this matter because this topic comes up frequently.
  8. I know the feeling when things go awry! I hope that any problem you encounter is minimal and easily repaired. Please keep us posted. M
  9. good one! & replacing the gas tank is a very wise step in any restoration dealing with decades old reservoirs holding a volatile liquid. "safer the car, better the ride"! Nice to see your efforts pay off. M
  10. That is a bubble that I would like to "live in"! What a beauty of a car. At 100 plus degrees no AC needed because the smile on your face keeps you cool! M
  11. Thank you for posting! Very similar to Studebaker Dictator from the same year which I think was designed by Ray Lowey. A diamond in the rough with the attributes of a fine cut gem! I hope it makes it into your collection given the excellent preservation it will undergo given your diligence in these matters. M
  12. SMS Fabrics but approx 139US per yd $$$$
  13. Way to show that beauty off Keith! In full motion the way it should be. Your coupe is an excellent example of cars from the golden age of style, Thanks for sharing your voyage! & many more to come! M
  14. Welcome! This is the body style that keeps me liking these old MOPAR cars! M
  15. It sounds like the quality of the services is matching the quality of vendor's offshore produced stock! This is the scourge of many "suppliers" and "services". This is as close to consistency as it gets nowadays & it will lead to the demise of the hobby. We must bring our production back to America and ignore the inferior offshore junk that our friendly "suppliers" are constantly passing off to paying customers at heavily inflated prices. They will get the message when lack of inflated "foreign part sales" (replace foreign for chinese at any time) does not pan out anymore when people go to the NOS market or "exclusively American made" parts as I have done. We must adapt in order to cause positive change which is something our overly technological world has zapped out of existence! MLB
  16. i have better things to do tan go to car shows and be judged by a bunch of "armchair quarterbacks" that have not even the smallest clue of what is involved in restoring an antique automobile. I choose to "show" my car while driving it! M '
  17. Jim Dandy car! Congrats on your acquisition! M
  18. Great American ingenuity persists which is displayed by the excellent work on that seat! You are on the road to a beautiful result when the car is completed. Thank you for posting! M
  19. Excelcior makes a 6.00 R 16 which looks pretty good. Black wall only. Also check Diamond Back radial tires for white walls. I will be putting radials on my D-14 due to advantages in handling which they have. Bias tires do not work very well on cracked, uneven rural roads. M
  20. Truthfully, the Plymouth coupe will be around long after the Nissan (or any other "modern" set of wheels) has been eaten up by earth's big conveyor belt! LOL M
  21. Minakers is pretty much a time capsule and has been in the auto parts business since 1925. You won't see much on any website but they do have lots of pretty cool NOS parts for all makes with MOPAR well represented. They can be reached at 613-476-4547. You are best to call and state what you need because they have a huge inventory of NOS and good used parts for early cars and it takes a couple of days to locate them sometimes in stock that their grandfather ordered & stored away for decades. Their prices are more than fair and I usually tack on extra $$ due to the quality of the parts. M
  22. Try Minaker's or Pre Sixties Vintage Auto Supply. NOS @ Canadian prices. No repoop schwag parts from these vendors! They are both located in Ontario and have webpages. Hope this helps. M
  23. As a rule of thumb, any fluid that you have not changed yourself is probably due to be replaced. After break in you can stay with non detergent oil or since the engine is sludge free you can use regular oil or synthetic blend. Castrol makes oil called castrol classic which has extra zinc in it for older design engines. I will be using a modern oil with superior lubrication capabilities once my motor has been broken in. As far as the tranny goes, consult someone who has done it before because I am sure changing the fluid in these early fluid drives is a little more involved than topping up a manual gearbox. M
  24. Kudos & great work! Sewing is way beyond my skill level and probably would sew myself to something in the attempt. All the Best! M
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